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Fun Things to Do on the MSC Virtuosa (Free and Paid) for 2024

Being one of MSC’s newest and most popular cruise ships, the Virtuosa is jam-packed with fun things to do for all ages. And while the large majority of activities will be included as part of your standard package, there are some more premium activities that will cost you extra.

So, whether you’d be willing to spend a little extra or want to take full advantage of everything that is already included in your package, keep on reading to find out more about all the free and paid things to do when on board the MSC Virtuosa.

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The Savannah Aqua Park (Free)

On board the MSC Virtuosa, you will find one of the largest water parks you can find on any cruise ship The Savannah Aqua Park. The water park features three great slides with many twists and turns – one of which will even take you over the boundaries of the ship for a few seconds. The water park is completely free to use, though make sure you get up bright and early to make the most of it before it gets busy.

Right beneath the slides, you find the children’s interactive water park. It features a small slide, a water tipping bucket, water cannons and sprayers, and much more. Overall, the water park on the 19th Deck of the Virtuosa will keep everyone busy during the sunny days at sea, no matter the age.

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Swimming Pools (Free)

On board the Virtuosa cruise ship, you’ll find five different swimming pools, all of which have sun loungers and drinks and food bars right beside them. Altogether, the pools can accommodate upwards of 1,000 guests at any one time, so don’t worry. There’s plenty of space for everyone and you don’t need to head to the pool bright and early to secure yourself a sun lounger.

One of the indoor pools even has a retractable roof, which is great if the weather outside is pleasant. And the best thing about all of the pools on board is that they are all free and can be used by everyone on board.

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The Himalayan Bridge (Free)

If you’re not a huge fan of the water but are looking for a thrilling experience while on board, the Himalayan Bridge is an attraction you should definitely consider. Like the Savannah water park, it is located on the 19th Deck of the ship and is completely free to use. That said, children and guests under a certain height will not be able to go on the bridge for safety reasons.

What’s interesting about the bridge is that you can choose the direction and path you want to take to complete the course. There also are several stations between each route where you can catch your breath.

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Lego Themed Children’s Clubs (Free)

MSC Cruises and LEGO partnered up to create an experience that you won’t find anywhere else at sea. On the Virtuosa in particular, you’ll find that there are over 64,000 Lego bricks that kids from 3 to 11 years of age can use at the MSC Kids Clubs.

There’s even a Lego Experience day on board where all children from 3 to 11 years of age can take part and have a blast. And at the end of the Lego Experience day, each child will get a diploma certifying that they are now a Junior LEGO Master Builder.

Galleria Virtuosa (Free)

The Galleria Virtuosa is one of the ship’s main free attractions. It’s a 100-metre long indoor promenade that features the biggest LED domed ceiling at sea. You’ll feel a change in your mood just by walking through this truly unique space that has cost MSC millions of dollars to plan and put together.

At the Galleria Virtuosa, you’ll find 11 different boutique shops, allowing you to do some holiday shopping without stepping a foot off the ship. It’s a great place to spend some time, especially if the weather outside isn’t particularly pleasant.

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Drinks made by Rob the Robot (Paid)

On board the MSC Virtuosa, you’ll find one of the most unique and futuristic bars at sea – the Starship Club. It’s run by Rob, a robot mixologist and a couple of his human colleagues. Rob is fully interactive and can create 16 signature cosmic cocktails (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

And if you prefer to create your own drinks, you can ask Rob to mix something up using over 40 different ingredients. So, whether you’re with your friends or with your children, paying the Starship Club a visit is a must. It is free to visit but the drinks do come at an extra cost, unless you have paid for one of the five drinks packages available.

The Sportsplex (Free)

Just because you’re on holiday, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up your fitness and hit the gym. The Sportsplex is a designated location on deck 16 where sportier guests can access the fully equipped gym and play a variety of different sports, including basketball, futsal, table tennis, and more.

MSC even hosts a variety of tournaments, so if you’re up for a challenge with you and your friends and family, you should definitely check out the programme as soon as you board the cruise ship.

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Paid Activities (Included in the Fun Pass)

Though most activities on board of the Virtuosa are completely free of charge, there are a handful of fun extras that command an extra fee.

For those looking to avail of these additional fun activities, it’s best to purchase the MSC Fun Pass, which costs around £95 per person for the entire duration of your trip (you can save 20% by prepaying for your Fun Pass. Once you have the MSC Virtuosa fun pass, you will have unlimited access to the activity below.

The F1 Simulator

If you’re a fan of Formula 1 racing, you’ll find the F1 simulator on board particularly interesting. The simulator itself isn’t a gimmick. It is a full-sized simulator that allows you to fully immerse yourself into a virtual F1 race.

The experience allows you to jump into an F1 car replica with three different screens in front of you. On top of that, the entire F1 car moves in accordance with the actions you take in-game, providing you with a very realistic experience. You can even race against family and friends in the simulator, which is great if you want some friendly competition.

Standard and VR Video Games

If you have children or are a gamer yourself, heading away for a week or more can make you miss your gaming setup. When you have the Fun Pass though, you will be granted unlimited use of the virtual games arcade on deck 16. There, you will be able to play a variety of standard and VR games on almost any console you can think of, including PS and Xbox.

The XD Cinema

One of the most fun things you can do while on board of the Virtuosa cruise ship is heading to deck 16 and playing a shooting game in the XD Cinema. Each Game lasts around 5 minutes and you can choose from a family friendly game or something more scary! We recommend ‘Carnival’ (If you’re not afraid of Clowns!).


Everybody loves a friendly game of bowling. If you have a few spare hours on the Virtuosa and don’t know what to do, you may want to visit their full-sized bowling alley. You will have to pay to play a few games (the cost is subject to change depending on when you travel), but the fee isn’t too high and is most likely similar to your local bowling alley. The bowling alley is located in the middle of deck 16, right by the elevators, so you won’t miss it when you head to that part of the ship.

Other Fun Things You Can Do on the Virtuosa

We could go on and on about all of the different fun activities you can do while cruising with family and friends on the Virtuosa. So, below, we’re going to list all of the remaining things you and your party can do during your holiday on board the cruise ship.

  • Swarovski crystal staircase (Free)
  • Le Grande Theatre (Free)
  • Carousel Productions at Sea (Paid)
  • Specialty Restaurants (Paid)


The MSC Virtuosa cruise ship is jam-packed with paid and free entertainment and activities that you and your family and friends can do while on board. Whether you’re looking to relax by the pool with the kids, enjoy a drink at a fully automated bar of the future, immerse yourself in a F1 race, or do some shopping – there’s something for everyone to do.

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