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Guide to the MSC Virtuosa Water Park and Himalayan Bridge

Launched in 2021, the Virtuosa cruise ship by MSC is one of the company’s latest and best ships to date. The Virtuosa in particular is widely praised by the public and the media for the sheer amount of activities that its temporary guests can take advantage of.

Whether you’re heading on the MSC Virtuosa (lucky you), or are doing some more research about the ship before you book one of the MSC cruises for families, in this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about two of the ship’s main on-board activities, the Savannah Aqua Park and the Himalayan Bridge.

MSC Virtuosa Water Park
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A Guide to the Savannah Aqua Park

Right on top of the MSC Virtuosa cruise ship (the 19th floor), you’ll find one of the cruise’s main attractions, the Savannah Aqua Park. This thrilling water park on the MSC Virtuosa cruise ship offers splashy fun for both kids and adults during the day. For adults, there are three water slides, which aren’t there just to please the eye.

They are actually pretty intense and certainly not for people who are afraid of high-speed twists and turns. One of the slides will even take you out of the boundaries of the ship for a couple of seconds.

Two of the MSC water slides require a rubber ring, while the last one doesn’t. The slides can get fairly busy, especially while at sea so make sure you go there bright and early to make the most of them.

MSC Virtuosa Water Park
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For children, there is an interactive water park, which is situated right next door. The children’s water park features its own little slide (it’s super safe so your kids can jump on it without your immediate supervision). On the ground of the kid’s water park, you’ll also find several water guns, a huge tipping bucket, water sprayers, fountains, and other engaging and interactive water elements that will keep your children busy having fun for hours on end.

As a side note, we’d also like to mention that there are no sun loungers around the MSC Virtuosa water park. So, if you have children that want to play in the kid’s water park, you’ll need to go with them in order to keep an eye out and make sure they are safe at all times.

Tips Before Heading to the Savannah Aqua Park

Consider the Height and Age Restrictions: The aqua park (whether for the kids or for the adults) has general height and age restrictions that must be adhered to. These are set in place to maximise the fun while keeping everyone safe.

Dress Appropriately: Depending on the cruise you’re on and the destinations you’re visiting, it’s always advisable that you wear comfortable swimwear and the appropriate footwear at all times. Also, don’t forget the sunscreen.

MSC High Ropes
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A Guide to the Himalayan Bridge

If you’re not a big fan of water, you should definitely check out the Himalayan Bridge. It may not seem like much when you’re down on the ground, but the second you get up, your opinion will quickly change.

But before we go into detail about what the Himalayan Bridge entails, we want to mention that not everyone is allowed on it. As you could imagine, it’s not made for children, so it is permitted for adults only. That said, you will also need to be at a certain height (please refer to the eligibility board once you’re on board). If one of the below applies to you, you also won’t be able to go on the Himalayan Bridge:

  • You’re pregnant
  • You have consumed alcohol
  • You are not wearing the correct footwear
  • You have your mobile phone, sunglasses, or hat on you
  • You have heart or other health problems

With that out of the way, let’s get into the more fun part – telling you all about the Himalayan Bridge and what you can expect from it.

First off, it’s situated on the 19th floor of the cruise ship and actually goes right through the Savannah Aqua Park. The bridge itself is one big oval circle with a variety of unique paths and courses, each of which is separated by a platform where you can catch your breath. What we found very interesting about the Himalayan Bridge is that there isn’t a set way you need to go. It’s totally up to you to decide which way you want to complete the track. To navigate the bridge, you will be strapped up and your safety vest will be attached to a railing. That way, you can’t fall off, even if you misstep along the way.

It’s a super fun activity that will get your heart beating. We do recommend that you do it at a time that is less busy as multiple people can get on the bridge at the same time. The best times are usually in the morning, during lunch, and right before dinner.

Himalayan Bridge
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Tips Before Heading to the Himalayan Bridge

The bridge itself might seem like an easy challenge, but it really isn’t. So, here are a handful of tips that you should keep in mind before heading on the Himalayan Bridge.

  • Apply sunscreen before the activity as you’ll likely be up there for at least 20 minutes
  • Wear proper footwear (slippers and sliders are not allowed)
  • Leave hats, sunglasses, mobile phones, and other accessories that can fall off behind
  • Get a drink (non-alcoholic) and grab something small to eat right before (it’s pretty exhausting)
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the staff on duty any questions you may have


The Savannah Aqua Park and the Himalayan Bridge are two of the main attractions on the MSC Virtuosa cruise ship. Whether you’re with your children and want you and them to have fun in the water or you aren’t particularly fond of water activities, these two attractions provide enough for everyone to have a blast while on board.

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