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Disney Vacation Club UK: A Brit’s Guide to Disney Vacation Club

Heard about the Disney Vacation Club and want to know how it works and whether people from the UK can join? Well, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about the Disney Vacation Club.

Lets get started!

What is Disney Vacation Club?

The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a holiday program that Disney started in 1991 with the opening of Disney’s Old Key West Resort. It’s a bit like a club where you get points every year that you can use to stay at various Disney resorts.

This points system lets you choose from a range of places to stay, like the elegant Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort or the serene Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

The Villas at these resorts offer a cosy and inviting atmosphere, making your stay feel like a home away from home. The DVC is always adding new options and improving the experience for its members.

To become a member, you buy points at one of the DVC Resorts. These points are like your ticket to lots of different vacation options. You can use them to:

  • Book rooms at the Disney Vacation Club Resort you’ve chosen
  • Arrange stays at other Disney resorts across the globe
  • Take part in special experiences and events that are just for members

With a DVC membership, you can make your dream of regular Disney holidays a reality.

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The Basics of DVC Membership

Becoming a member of the Disney Vacation Club is your key to Walt Disney World Resort! Your membership starts when you buy a share in one of the DVC Resorts, directly from the Disney Vacation Club.

This purchase gives you a yearly allowance of Vacation Points which you can exchange for resort stays.

The price of your DVC membership is determined by the number of points you buy and which resort you choose as your home base. The more points you purchase, the greater your access to magical Disney holidays become.

disney vacation club villas

Understanding DVC Points

DVC points are the currency of the Disney Vacation Club. As a member, you receive an annual allotment of points to use for your holidays at Disney resorts. The concept is similar to a flexible spending account but for Disney holidays.

If you don’t use all your points in one year, you can save them for the next year, or if you’re planning a bigger holiday, you can borrow points from the future to book it now.

The number of points you need for a stay varies. It depends on the season, the resort you choose, and the type of room you want. This system gives you control over your holiday planning, allowing you to tailor your Disney trips to your preferences.

To join DVC, you need to buy a minimum of 160 points through Disney, and the most you can have at one resort is 4,000 points, with a total limit of 8,000 across all DVC resorts. The flexibility and customisation of the DVC points system are what make it unique and appealing to members.

Choosing Your DVC Home Resort

Selecting your DVC home resort is a key decision in your Disney Vacation Club experience. It’s not just where you stay; it’s the launching pad for creating unforgettable Disney memories. Your home resort gives you an advantage in booking, allowing you to reserve your stay 11 months in advance, a full four months ahead of other members, which is especially beneficial during popular travel times.

When deciding on your home resort, it’s important to consider the initial purchase cost, the annual fees for upkeep, its location, and how it fits with your holiday habits and preferences. Top choices among members include Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort for its luxurious amenities and Old Key West Resort for its spacious rooms and laid-back atmosphere.

Once you’ve made your choice, you can look forward to planning enchanting Disney holidays.

disney vacation club villas

Financial Considerations of DVC Membership

The Disney Vacation Club might seem like a magical ticket to endless Disney holidays, but it’s important to know that it comes with real-world costs. To join the club, you need to make an upfront payment to buy points, and then every year, you’ll pay dues to keep your membership active.

The initial amount you pay can start at about $33,000 or more, and this varies based on how many points you’re getting, whether you buy them new from Disney or second-hand, and which Disney resort you decide will be your home base.

Let’s break down these costs a bit more.

Your First Step into DVC

Thinking about joining the Disney Vacation Club? Here’s what you need to know about the initial cost. Your first payment is for buying points, which are like your Disney holiday currency. Buying these points directly from Disney costs around $217 each, and you’ll need at least 150 points to start.

The price per point can change depending on which Disney resort you pick as your “home.” For example, points at Disney’s Riviera Resort are also $217, but at Bay Lake Tower, they could be anywhere from about $126 to $150 each.

Annual Dues and Other Fees

After you’ve made the initial purchase to become a DVC member, you need to keep in mind that there are yearly fees to pay. These fees are based on the resort you choose and how much of the property you own. They are used to pay for things like cleaning, utilities, transportation to the parks, and other resort costs, as well as taxes and insurance for the property.

The yearly fees for DVC members usually go up by about 5% each year. You need to pay these fees by January 15th every year, but you have until February 15th before you’re considered late. While these fees are an ongoing cost, they help keep the resorts in great shape and make sure you have a wonderful time during your stay.

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Perks of Disney Vacation Club Ownership

The perks of being a Disney Vacation Club member go way beyond just having a place to stay.

If you’re part of the club, you get to hang out in cool members-only spots like the EPCOT Member Lounge and the Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Tower. These places are perfect for taking a break and soaking in some amazing views, including fireworks!

And that’s not all. Being a member means you get to save some cash too. Here’s a quick look at the discounts you can enjoy:

  • Save 10% to 20% when you eat at certain places in Walt Disney World
  • Get a 10% discount when you shop at Disney stores in the parks, resorts, and even golf shops
  • Score cheaper tickets with a $10 discount for early park entry, 20% off regular ticket prices after 10am, less expensive annual passes with fewer date restrictions, and 15% off on special park tours.

disney vacation club cost

Highlighting Favourite DVC Resorts

Disney Vacation Club features several resorts that are favourites among members, often due to their excellent locations and unique amenities. Resorts on the monorail line such as the Grand Floridian, Polynesian, and Bay Lake Tower are particularly popular.

Their proximity to the Magic Kingdom and ease of access to neighbouring deluxe resorts make them prime choices for convenience and luxury.

Likewise, resorts situated close to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, such as the Beach Club Villas and BoardWalk Villas, are preferred for their strategic location. This allows for quick access to the parks and a variety of nearby attractions.

For those who enjoy oceanfront views, DVC offers properties like Disney’s Beach Club Villas. Their appeal lies not only in their proximity to EPCOT but also in their excellent dining options, the impressive Stormalong Bay pool complex, and the inclusion of full kitchens, which all contribute to their status as top-tier beachfront resort options.

disney vacation club property

Special Experiences at DVC Resorts

Staying at a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resort isn’t just about having a place to sleep. It’s about making your vacation extra special with unique offerings that you can’t find just anywhere. Here are some cool things you can expect:

  • At Disney’s Polynesian Villas and Bungalows, you’ll feel like you’re in the South Pacific with all the bright colours and cool tropical vibes.
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas let you watch animals right from your room! It’s like having a mini-safari every day.
  • If you love the great outdoors, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is the place to be. You might see some wildlife and get to enjoy the beauty of nature.

These special touches make your stay at DVC resorts even more magical.

And there’s more! If you’re into learning about different cultures, Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii has tours and a real Hawaiian luau that teach you about the local traditions. Over at Disney’s Beach Club Villas, the place is designed to make you feel like you’re at a classic beach house on the Atlantic coast.

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Maximising Your Disney Vacation Club Experience

To get the most out of your Disney Vacation Club (DVC) membership, it helps to know the best ways to use your points. You can save points you don’t use for next year, or if you’re planning a big trip, you can use some points from next year to book it now.

How many points you need for a reservation depends on when you want to travel, which Disney resort you pick, and what kind of room you want. As a member, you can stay at different Disney resorts using your points.

It’s important to choose your home resort carefully because it affects when you can book your holidays. You can book your home resort 11 months before you want to go, which is earlier than other members.

Also, knowing when your membership ends can help you plan your holidays and understand when you’ll need to pay your yearly dues.

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Understanding the Resale Market

If you’re interested in joining the Disney Vacation Club but looking for a more budget-friendly option, you might consider the resale market. This is where current DVC members sell their memberships, and you can often find points for sale at lower prices than if you bought them directly from Disney.

Prices for points on the resale market can be quite varied, sometimes as low as $50 per point or up to around $200. This can mean big savings, but it’s important to know that there are some trade-offs. For instance, buying through resale might mean you don’t get some of the extras like special event invites or certain discounts that come with buying directly from Disney.

Also, there’s a catch if you buy a resale membership for Disney’s Riviera Resort, the Disneyland Hotel, or Fort Wilderness. You can only use your points at the resort you bought into, not at any other DVC resorts. It’s worth considering these details when thinking about buying a DVC membership on the resale market.

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Understanding DVC Rentals and Point Exchanges

If you’re not ready to commit to a full Disney Vacation Club membership, you can still experience the magic by renting DVC points. Here’s a more detailed look at the process:

  1. Start by creating an account on a Disney Vacation Club rental website.
  2. Browse the available resorts and their pricing to find the perfect fit for your trip.
  3. Once you’ve made your selection, secure it with a deposit.
  4. Complete any required rental agreements or forms.
  5. Pay the initial part of the rental fee to confirm your reservation.

After these steps, your Disney holiday accommodation is all set. Renting points is often more affordable than booking a room directly through Disney, but it’s important to note that changes can be limited after your reservation is confirmed.

For DVC members looking to explore beyond Disney resorts, point exchanges are possible through Interval International. This service allows members to use their points for stays at various holiday destinations, including favourites like Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort in South Carolina.

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Planning Your Disney Vacation with DVC

The process of planning your Disney holiday through the Disney Vacation Club is straightforward and part of the fun. Here’s a step-by-step guide to booking your stay using DVC points:

  1. Visit the official DVC website.
  2. Click on the ‘Plan a Vacation’ tab.
  3. Select ‘Book a Vacation’ from the options.
  4. Enter the necessary details such as your preferred resort and travel dates.

You have the privilege to begin booking your accommodations 11 months before your desired check-in date, and you can reserve up to 7 consecutive nights at a time.

DVC membership also provides exclusive advantages that enhance your Disney experience. These benefits include access to special events and member-only lounges, as well as discounts on dining, merchandise, and park admission, enriching your holiday with that extra touch of Disney magic.

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Is Disney Vacation Club Worth It?

Is it worth joining the Disney Vacation Club? That entirely depends on individual circumstances and preferences. The financial advantages of DVC membership include potential savings of up to 50% on future accommodation within the DVC network when compared to non-DVC hotel stays.

As a DVC member, you can also enjoy discounts on select Disney experiences, exclusive access to members-only special events, and reduced prices on dining and merchandise.

However, to fully capitalise on the advantages of your DVC membership, it is beneficial to plan visits to Walt Disney World approximately every three years, especially if you intend to stay exclusively at Deluxe/DVC resorts.

If you’re a fan of Disney and enjoy frequent holidays to the most magical place on earth, then DVC membership could very well be worth it for you.

Final Thoughts

Disney Vacation Club is an appealing option for those who are passionate about Disney and wish to holiday at Disney resorts regularly.

The membership is centred around a Vacation Points system which allows for a great deal of flexibility in choosing accommodation and planning trips.

Whether opting for full membership, renting points, or buying on the resale market, DVC provides several avenues to make your Disney holiday aspirations a reality.

walt disney world dvc resort

Frequently Asked Questions

Still got questions about Disney Vacation Club? Check out our FAQ section below.

What is the Disney Vacation Club?

The Disney Vacation Club is a vacation ownership program that allows members to use Disney Vacation Club Points for stays at Disney resorts and DVC resorts worldwide.

How Does Disney Vacation Club Work?

Members buy points at a DVC resort, which they can then exchange for accommodation at various Disney Vacation Club resorts, including Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. The program offers flexibility and customisation for Disney holidays, making it a unique option for frequent visitors to Walt Disney World Resort and other Disney destinations.

What are the benefits of joining the Disney Vacation Club?

Disney Vacation Club members enjoy numerous benefits, including the ability to stay at deluxe accommodations for a fraction of the cost, access to exclusive member-only lounges and events, and discounts on Disney merchandise, dining, and theme park tickets. DVC membership also offers the flexibility to plan holidays with DVC points that can be used at a variety of Disney resorts and Disney Cruise Line adventures.

How much does it cost to join the Disney Vacation Club?

Joining the Disney Vacation Club starts at around $33,000, depending on the number of points purchased and the selected home resort. This initial investment and subsequent annual dues cover accommodation costs, Disney resort amenities, and maintenance fees.

What are Disney Vacation Club Points and how do you use them?

DVC Points are the currency of the Disney Vacation Club membership. Members receive an annual allotment of points to book stays at DVC resorts, Disney Vacation Club villas, and other Disney vacation destinations. The number of points required for a stay varies by resort, room type, and season, providing members with flexibility in planning their Disney holidays.

How do I choose my Disney Vacation Club Home Resort?

Choosing a DVC Home Resort is a critical decision based on factors like personal holiday preferences, resort amenities, location relative to Disney parks, and the cost of points. Popular options include Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Villas, and Bay Lake Tower, known for their prime locations and exclusive benefits to DVC members.

Are there any additional fees after purchasing Disney Vacation Club Membership?

After the initial purchase, DVC members are responsible for annual dues, which cover the maintenance and operational costs of the home resort, including utilities, property taxes, and insurance. These fees vary by resort and are subject to annual adjustments.

Can Disney Vacation Club Points be rented or sold?

Yes, DVC members can rent out their unused DVC points through services like David’s Vacation Club Rentals or engage in DVC resales to sell their membership. Renting points is a popular way for non-members to experience DVC resorts, while selling points offers an exit strategy for members.

What makes Disney Vacation Club worth it?

The Disney Vacation Club is worth it for those who frequently visit Disney destinations and appreciate staying in deluxe accommodations. The savings on long-term Disney holidays, exclusive member benefits, and the joy of creating magical Disney memories with family and friends can significantly outweigh the costs for dedicated Disney fans.

How does Disney Vacation Club membership compare to traditional timeshares?

Unlike traditional timeshares, Disney Vacation Club offers more flexibility through its points system, allowing members to choose from a wide range of Disney Vacation Club resorts and vacation dates. Additionally, DVC membership includes perks like discounts and special events, enhancing the Disney holiday experience beyond what most timeshares offer.

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