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cheap orlando theme park tickets

Cheapest Places to Buy Orlando Theme Park Tickets in the UK

Planning your Florida holiday is an exciting time, filled with dreams of sunny days and thrilling nights. Florida is a treasure trove of experiences, with something special for every visitor, whether you’re after the glorious sunshine or the electric nightlife.

The highlight for many is exploring the world-famous theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. But, finding affordable tickets for these attractions can be a bit tricky, with so many places offering deals.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide. We’re here to simplify your holiday planning by guiding you on how to secure the best deals for Orlando theme park tickets, ensuring your trip is as memorable as it is budget-friendly.

cheap orlando theme park tickets

Where to Buy Cheap Orlando Theme Park Tickets in the UK

The best places to buy cheap Orlando Theme Park Tickets in the UK are:

  • FlordiaTix
  • AttractionTix
  • Attraction Tickets Direct
  • American Attractions
  • Orlando Attraction Tickets

Lets take a closer look at each one.

cheap theme park tickets orlando


TripAdvisor rating 4.4/5

FloridaTix is your one-stop shop for all things Orlando theme park tickets. Based in Birmingham, UK, this trusted online retailer has been serving customers since 2005.

With over 18 years of operation and a solid TripAdvisor rating of 4.4/5 based on 329 reviews, FloridaTix has proven its reliability time and again.

Their ticket offerings are vast and varied, catering to every kind of adventurer. From the magical realms of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, to the thrilling rides at Busch Gardens, the natural beauty of the Everglades tour, and the awe-inspiring Kennedy Space Centre, there’s something for everyone.

One standout deal is the Orlando FlexiTicket, granting unlimited access to six parks over 14 days. It’s an unbeatable offer that ensures you squeeze every drop of fun out of your Florida visit.

What’s more, FloridaTix understands that holidays can be pricey. That’s why they offer a buy now, pay later option. With just a £10 deposit, you can secure your tickets and pay the rest in manageable instalments. Plus, their customer support is available seven days a week, ready to assist with any queries.

So, for a hassle-free ticket buying experience, make FloridaTix your go-to choice.

cheap theme park tickets orlando


TripAdvisor Rating 3.9/5

AttractionTix is a fantastic choice for your Florida theme park tickets. With its inception in 2006, this company has amassed a wealth of experience and is renowned for helping both companies and individuals make the most of their Florida holiday.

Although its TripAdvisor rating stands at 3.9/5 based on 99 reviews, feedback from other online sources suggests that AttractionTix truly deserves a higher rating.

While AttractionTix provides tickets for attractions worldwide, their expertise in Florida is unquestionable. As an official partner of Sea World, Universal Studios, and Disney, you can trust them for your Florida theme park needs.

One of the highlights of AttractionTix is the convenience it offers. Tickets are emailed to you, eliminating any worries about late delivery. You can simply print them off at your convenience.

Payment is straightforward with options for debit or credit card. Moreover, AttractionTix understands that plans can change, so they allow you to amend or cancel your booking. Just be sure to check out the full terms and conditions to understand when this is possible.

cheap theme park tickets orlando

Attraction Tickets Direct:

TripAdvisor Rating – 4.7/5

Attraction Tickets Direct, with over 20 years of experience is a trusted provider for your perfect Florida holiday planning. Its impressive TripAdvisor rating and ABTA coverage provide added assurance of its reliability.

Having served over 4 million customers, Attraction Tickets Direct guarantees top-notch service. Besides Orlando attractions and Walt Disney World Resort, they offer tickets for:

  • Miami
  • New York
  • Las Vegas
  • Paris
  • Dubai
  • Rome

Whether you’re planning to buy Disney World tickets for 2024 or for other attractions, payment is convenient with credit or debit card options. To help you budget for your Florida holiday, they offer an instalment payment option. Tickets are sent to you free of charge, with an option for priority delivery at an additional cost.

cheap theme park tickets orlando

American Attractions:

TripAdvisor Rating 4.6/5

American Attractions established in 2002, is a trusted provider for your Florida theme park tickets. With glowing reviews on TripAdvisor and other sites, it’s a reliable choice for your Universal Studios Orlando tickets and more.

Their ticket offerings are diverse, including:

  • Aquatica
  • Kennedy Space Centre
  • Peppa Pig Theme Park
  • Gatorland
  • Island H20 Water Park
  • Busch Gardens
  • Madame Tussauds Orlando

Payment is convenient with credit and debit card options. Plus, they offer a flexible payment plan. After a deposit, the full balance doesn’t need to be cleared until 6 weeks before your trip.

One of their standout deals is the Disney Magic Ticket. This 14-day ticket, valid over an 18-day window, offers great value for money, ensuring you get the best experience at Disney. Choose American Attractions for a seamless ticket booking experience.

cheap orlando theme park tickets

Orlando Attraction Tickets:

TripAdvisor Rating 4.7/5

Orlando Attraction Tickets a fresh face in the industry since 2019, has quickly built a stellar reputation. With a commendable TripAdvisor rating of 4.7/5, it’s a promising choice for your Walt Disney World Resort tickets and more.

Their ticket offerings include:

  • Universal Studios tickets
  • Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon
  • Walt Disney World Resort tickets
  • Busch Gardens
  • Gatorland

What sets Orlando Attraction Tickets apart is their ticket bundles, which can provide significant savings, making your Florida holiday more affordable.

Additionally, they offer mobile alerts for shopping discounts, restaurant deals, and other attraction ticket discounts, adding even more value to your experience.

cheap orlando theme park tickets

Final thoughts

Planning ahead for your Florida trip is key. We’ve highlighted some great ticket providers that can help you get set up before you go, so you can focus on the fun when you get there.

If you’re looking elsewhere for tickets, don’t forget to check reviews and support services. Things can sometimes go wrong, so it’s important to choose a provider that can fix issues quickly. This way, you can enjoy your holiday worry-free.

cheap orlando theme park tickets

Frequently Asked Questions

Still got questions about buying Orlando Attraction Tickets? Check out our FAQ section below.

Where are the best places to buy Florida theme park tickets in the UK?

The best places to buy Florida theme park tickets in the UK include reputable online vendors such as FloridaTix, Attraction Tickets Direct, and Orlando Attraction Tickets. These platforms offer a wide range of tickets for major theme parks, including Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld, often at full and final prices with no hidden fees.

Can I get discounted Walt Disney World tickets from the UK?

Yes, discounted Walt Disney World tickets are available from UK-based online ticket vendors. Look for special offers on multi-day tickets or Disney’s Ultimate Tickets to enjoy savings on your Florida holiday. Purchasing in advance can also include extras like Memory Maker at no additional cost.

What are the benefits of purchasing Universal Orlando tickets from the UK?

Buying Universal Orlando tickets from the UK can provide several benefits, such as early booking discounts, access to three amazing theme parks including Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and sometimes exclusive deals like the 3 Park Explorer Ticket. Advanced purchases may offer gate ready tickets for quicker park access.

Are there combo ticket packages for multiple Orlando attractions available in the UK?

Yes, combo ticket packages for multiple Orlando attractions are available through UK vendors, offering access to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and other attractions like SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. These packages offer great value, providing unlimited park access and flexibility during your Florida holiday.

How can I ensure I’m getting a good deal on Florida park tickets from the UK?

To ensure a good deal on Florida park tickets from the UK, compare prices and packages from reputable ticket sellers, check for any special offers or multi-day ticket discounts, and consider packages that include extra perks like fast-track entry or Memory Maker. Reading customer reviews and looking for ABTA or ATOL protection can also provide reassurance.

What exclusive deals are available for UK residents buying Disney and Universal tickets?

UK residents often have access to exclusive deals on Disney and Universal tickets, such as Disney’s Ultimate Tickets or Universal’s 3 Park Explorer Ticket, which are not available for purchase in the US. These deals can include additional benefits like Memory Maker or multi-day access to Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida.

Can I buy SeaWorld multi-park tickets from the UK?

SeaWorld multi-park tickets can indeed be purchased from the UK, offering access to SeaWorld, Aquatica, and sometimes Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. These tickets provide a convenient and cost-effective way to explore multiple parks, often including unlimited visits over a set number of days.

Are there any special offers for UK families planning a Florida theme park holiday?

Special offers for UK families planning a Florida theme park holiday often include discounted family packages, kids dream deals, and early booking discounts. These offers can significantly reduce the cost of tickets to Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, and other Orlando attractions, making your dream holiday more affordable.

How do I choose the right ticket type for my visit to Orlando’s theme parks from the UK?

Choosing the right ticket type involves considering the length of your stay, which parks you plan to visit, and whether you want the flexibility to visit multiple parks in a day. For Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World, consider multi-day tickets or park hopper options to maximise your experience. For specific attractions like Kennedy Space Center or Animal Kingdom Theme Park, single-day tickets might Meet your requirements.

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