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wowcher mystery holiday

How Does the Wowcher Mystery Holiday Work? We Explain All

Have you stumbled upon Wowcher Mystery Holidays? Curious to find out how they operate?

You pay £99 and the rest is a surprise! Wowcher takes care of the flights and the hotel.

You might find yourself in a European city, or if fortune smiles upon you, somewhere distant and thrilling. But what exactly does your £99 cover?

This article will guide you through the process, what you could potentially gain, and the crucial details you should be aware of.

how does wowcher mystery holiday work

What is a Wowcher Mystery Holiday?

Think of a holiday trip where the destination is a surprise. That’s what a Wowcher Mystery Holiday is all about.

For £99, you get a ticket to a surprise destination in Europe. And if luck is on your side, you could win trips to exotic places like Barbados, New York, or Dubai.

So, how does this mysterious holiday deal work? You buy your ticket and enter a draw. Every few weeks, Wowcher picks destinations for the ticket holders.

The holiday provider will then contact you to tell you where you’re going, arrange the travel dates, and give you all the details of your trip.

There are 49 different places you could end up visiting. You could find yourself on a city break in Europe or on a unique getaway.

But while the thought of winning a trip to an exotic holiday destination like Barbados, New York, or Dubai is exciting, the odds are quite low – about one in 1,000.

how does wowcher mystery holiday work

What’s Included in the Wowcher Mystery Holiday £99 Deal

Wondering what’s included in the £99 Wowcher Mystery Holiday deal? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. Your ticket includes both your return flights and accommodation.

But keep in mind, there might be some extra costs that aren’t covered. You might need to pay for things like luggage, airport transfers, and additional fees if you decide to stay an extra day.

Also, don’t forget about the £9.99 administration fee for the Wowcher Mystery Holiday deal. And remember, you’ll need to cover your own transportation to and from the London airport, as this isn’t included in the package.

how to redeem wowcher mystery holiday

Don’t Forget About Travel Insurance

While the £99 Wowcher Mystery Holiday deal covers a lot, travel insurance isn’t part of the package.

To get the best deal on travel insurance, use comparison websites like MoneySupermarket or They let you see prices from different companies, so you can choose the best one for your budget.

mystery holiday wowcher

Terms and Conditions: What You Need to Know

Before you embark on your Wowcher Mystery Holiday, it’s important to understand the terms and conditions.

Your trip might be scheduled during peak season, which could impact flight and accommodation availability.

To join the Wowcher Mystery Holiday draw, you must be at least 18 years old and live in the UK, Channel Islands, or Isle of Man.

The advertised rate of £99pp requires the purchase of two vouchers. This special rate is only for customers who buy the necessary number of vouchers.

Keep in mind that if you plan to travel with three or more people on the same trip, you won’t be eligible for top-tier holiday destinations like Thailand, Dubai, Barbados, New York, Las Vegas, or Mexico. Instead, your destination will be chosen randomly.

If you buy just one entry voucher, you’ll be informed about a single supplement fee when you book with the holiday provider. This fee is on top of the voucher cost and covers the difference in price for return flights and accommodation.

mystery holiday wowcher

Making the Most of Your Mystery Holiday

To fully enjoy your Wowcher Mystery Holiday, being open to exploring new places is essential.

You might want to consider paying a little extra to upgrade your package to a destination that suits your preferences.

Once you land, arranging your own transportation could save you some money. For instance, a train ride from Milan Airport to Lake Garda is just £15 per person, while the transfer package starts at about £80.

You can also enhance your trip by upgrading your hotel. The basic City Hotel Matyas is clean and well-located, with a decent shower. But choosing a more luxurious hotel could make your stay much more enjoyable and memorable.

£99 mystery holiday wowcher


Wowcher Mystery Holidays are an exciting travel option. For a price of £99, you get a surprise destination, making your holiday a thrilling adventure.

The deal includes your return flights and accommodation, but remember, you might face extra charges for baggage, airport transfers, and if you choose to extend your stay.

Being flexible with your travel dates and destinations will help you enjoy your mystery holiday to the fullest.

Don’t forget to buy travel insurance and it’s important to read and understand the terms and conditions to avoid any surprises.

£99 mystery holiday wowcher

Frequently Asked Questions

Still got questions? We have you covered with our FAQ section below.

How do I redeem my mystery holiday?

Once you’ve booked your mystery holiday, you’ll receive a code and a redemption link. After filling in the necessary details, the draw will take place and someone from the holiday company will contact you to discuss your trip. Good luck!

Are you guaranteed a holiday with Wowcher?

Yes, you are guaranteed a holiday with Wowcher, featuring 100 different worldwide destinations. So, you can look forward to a memorable trip!

What is included in the £99 Wowcher Mystery Holiday deal?

The £99 Wowcher Mystery Holiday deal includes return flights and accommodation, but additional costs for luggage, airport transfers, and extended stays may apply. Keep in mind these extra expenses when considering the package.

How are the destinations for the Wowcher Mystery Holiday chosen?

The destinations for the Wowcher Mystery Holiday are chosen through a draw, taking into account your preferences such as departure date and airport. This ensures that you get a destination that matches your preferences.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance separately?

Yes, you will need to purchase travel insurance separately for the £99 Wowcher Mystery Holiday deal.

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