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Wowcher Mystery Holiday

Why you Should Book a £99 Wowcher Mystery Holiday in 2024

If you’re looking for a holiday abroad, you’d probably welcome the chance to save a bit of money. In fact, there’s a really good chance that you’d like to save as much as you possibly can. This is exactly what people have been doing when they book a Wowcher holiday. Wowcher holidays have allowed people to pay knockdown prices to secure a trip away. The catch? They don’t really know where they’re going.

If you explore Wowcher mystery holiday reviews, you’ll get a flavour of just some of the experiences that people have had. The only thing to bear in mind here is that people tend to be far more vocal when they want to complain! This means that you’ll see a mix of good and bad comments, just as you do when checking out any other company’s reviews.

If a Wowcher mystery holiday is something that you’d like to explore further, we’re here to help. As you read on, we’re going to be looking at just what Wowcher holidays include, where you can find yourself heading and just what Wowcher reviews have to say.

By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll know just what Wowcher holidays are, and if they could be the right option for you. Let’s get started.

What is a Wowcher Mystery holiday?

Wowcher mystery holidays are pretty much what the name suggests. They are holidays, from Wowcher, where the destination is a mystery. By handing over your fee, your holiday destination is in the hands of fate, and no one can do anything to influence where you may be heading. This is great if you’re a fan of surprises, but if you like to plan everything down to the finest detail, Wowcher holidays may not be for you.

There are over 90-holiday destinations that could come your way, and they offer a variety of experiences. You could find yourself with:

  • Long-haul holidays – these include destinations such as Cancun, Las Vegas, Egypt, New York and the Maldives
  • European city breaks – destinations such as Rome, Venice, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Krakow, Prague and a host of others
  • Beach holidays – the chance to head to Malta, Venice, Crete, Ibiza, Corfu, Turkey and more

As you can see, there are a host of destinations on offer when you take your chances with a Wowcher mystery holiday. Now, the chances are that you may well end up with one of the locations that are a little closer to home. However, there are always 3 lucky buyers who find themselves jetting off a little further with 7-night breaks to the likes of Barbados or Dubai. When you consider that this kind of getaway could be yours for just £99, you can see why people get so carried away with the idea of a Wowcher mystery holiday.

We’re going to be taking a look at just how you book Wowcher holidays a little later, but needless to say, you need to make sure that your passport is good to go, and that you can commit to the dates that you provide at the time of booking.  When you pay your money, the excitement starts to build. You don’t want to blow your holiday chances by finding that you’re passport has expired or that you have to be at work!

Are Wowcher holidays ATOL protected?

When you look at Wowcher mystery holiday reviews, it’s clear to say that the majority of people have an outstanding holiday. However, some people are a little hesitant to go ahead and book in case Wowcher suddenly disappears. The truth is that the company is highly unlikely to go anywhere and, should the worse happen, Wowcher holidays are ATOL protected.

ATOL stands for Air Travel Organisers License, and it protects those in the UK who book package holidays where a flight is included. There is also cover in some cases for when people have only booked flights.

If your holiday provider should go bust, ATOL protection is there for your benefit. Should the company disappear before your trip, you’re covered and should be able to get a refund. You’re also covered during your trip so that if your holiday provider, or airline, suddenly goes under, it’s not a complete disaster.

If you’re on a Wowcher mystery holiday, and the worst happens, ATOL protection is there to:

  • Do all that it can so that you’re able to stay in your accommodation
  • Refund you anything that you may have had to spend on things that ATOL covers such as additional car hire and transfers
  • Help you to arrange flights home in certain circumstances

So what does all this mean? Well, while these Wowcher holidays involve mystery, with no guarantee of where you’re heading, you do at least have the knowledge that you’re protected. This protection is at the same level as you’d find with any other reputable holiday provider.

What do you get for the price of a Wowcher mystery holiday?

Well, according to what can be found on Wowcher reviews, what you get for your money is a fantastic time away in great accommodation. What makes these holidays so great is that they come on an all-inclusive basis. This means that your flights and accommodation are included, but there may be even more included in the price too.

Generally, an all-inclusive holiday means that you’ll be provided with all of your meals and drinks. However, depending on where you’re staying you may find that there are other perks too, such as:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Access to swimming pools
  • Access to facilities such as spas
  • The chance to enjoy some great entertainment

When you look at the fact that a Wowcher mystery holiday will set you back between £89 and £99, it has to be said that this offer represents fantastic value for money. Regardless of the destination that you find yourself flying to, the price you pay means that you’re bagging a real bargain.

When it comes to the flights that are included with Wowcher holidays, there’s no need to take yourself to some obscure location. These flights take off from major UK airports such as:

  • London Gatwick
  • Luton
  • Stanstead
  • Southend
  • Heathrow

When it comes to the accommodation on offer, this could vary. It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a 3-star hotel. Generally, this type of accommodation will be fairly basic and best described as no-frills. However, it’s still more than enough to be able to have a great holiday and, for the price, it’s still an unbelievable bargain.

The Pros and Cons of a Wowcher Mystery Holiday

If you take the time to explore Wowcher mystery holiday reviews, you’ll find that people describe a variety of pros and cons. Before you jump in and hand over your hard-earned cash, there’s a good chance that you’re going to want to know what these are. Let’s take a look:

The Pros of Wowcher holidays

  • There’s a chance you could get extremely lucky – when it comes to booking your Wowcher mystery holiday, you’ll find that there’s a range of destinations on offer. There’s a good chance that you could find yourself in the likes of Amsterdam, Venice or Rome. Now, let’s be honest, these are still great holiday destinations but you could get that little bit more lucky. You could be one of those who bags a 7-night break to the likes of Dubai and New York
  • You can choose local airports too – while we’ve looked at the major airports that you can fly from, you may not want to travel that far. The good news is that Wowcher holidays also give you the chance to fly from airports that are local to you. Bear in mind, this may attract an additional charge
  • Decisions are made for you – when you opt for a Wowcher mystery holiday, everything is taken care of for you. There’s no need to take the time to explore hotels, flight times or anything else: it’s all planned and you just need to turn up

The Cons of Wowcher holidays

  • It’s not a solo affair – you need to realise that the price of Wowcher holidays is based on 2 people. That’s great if you’re a couple, but if you’re heading off alone you’ll still have to pay for two tickets
  • You may be missing out on a better deal – while £99 for a 2-night break is a bargain, it could be that heading over to comparison sites could offer an even better price

What do Wowcher mystery holiday reviews have to say?

The best way of finding out just what you get from one of these mystery holidays is by taking the time to explore the numerous Wowcher reviews. One of the problems with holiday reviews is that people are always more vocal when they’re less than happy. Those who are 100% satisfied tend to be that much quieter.  That being said, let’s take a look at what can be found online. We’ll start with Twitter.

Twitter Wowcher mystery holiday reviews:

When you head over to Twitter, you’ll find that there are 100s, if not thousands, of tweets referring to Wowcher mystery holidays. The truth is that there’s a healthy mix of good and bad comments, which at least points towards the reviews being genuine.

When it comes to negative comments, the majority of these are centred on a lack of customer service when people have been taking weekend breaks. However, the positive here is that the overwhelming majority of people were more than happy with their holiday destination and had a positive experience.

Wowcher mystery holiday reviews on Google:

There are also plenty of Wowcher reviews to be found on Google. There is again a mix of good and bad experiences, but on the whole, the takeaway is that these holidays are certainly worth the money.

What Trustpilot has to say:

When looking at Trustpilot Wowcher reviews, the trust score is excellent. There are a few negative experiences where people have been unhappy about charges for upgrades but, this aside, the overwhelming feeling is one of positivity.

How to book a Wowcher mystery holiday

If you’d like to give Wowcher holidays a try, you’ll need to know how to go ahead and book one. The process is extremely easy. You simply head over to the Wowcher website, and book the holiday at a cost of 399. Remember, the price is based on 2 people so whether it’s just you, or you with a partner/friend, you’ll need to pay £198 in total.

Once you’ve paid, you get entered into the destination draw. These draws take place several times a year, and you need to check the website to see when the next one is due. The most recent of these took place on 10th April 2023. As soon as the draw takes place, you’ll be notified of the destination that you’re set to head to.

When you receive the notification, you then need to sort out the details. This means that you need to confirm the location and pick from the dates that are available. When this is done, that’s it, you’re holiday is booked and you can start your countdown to a fantastic holiday.

When you’ve tried out Wowcher holidays, you will no doubt be tempted to give others a go. If you don’t get lucky and bag yourself 7 nights in Dubai, there’s always next time.

Final thoughts on Wowcher holidays

The reality is that, by its nature, a Wowcher mystery holiday is a bit of a surprise. However, by looking at the website you can at least see the destinations that are possible, and even eye up the ones that you’d really like.

Yes, there is always the possibility that you could find a slightly cheaper deal elsewhere when considering the city breaks. However, there are reasons why you might not want to: doing this through Wowcher means all of the arrangements are taken care of, and not quite knowing where you’re heading is all part of the fun. Why not give a Wowcher mystery holiday ago, and see where you end up?

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