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tui in flight menu

TUI in Flight Menu: What’s on the TUI in flight Meals Menu in 2024

In-flight dining is crucial to any long-haul flight, especially when your airline offers culinary treats and refreshing drinks. However, you should explore and book your meal before embarking on your journey to ensure you snap up a tasty meal. 

If you’re flying long-haul with TUI Airlines, you’re in luck! This well-known airline provides a varied menu for all tastes and dietary needs — from vegan options to gluten-free meals, everyone gets an appetising sky-high meal.

Wondering what’s on the TUI food menu? Don’t look any further. We’ve compiled all the details you need to secure a delicious meal on your next flight. Scroll down to get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • Tasty Choices for Every Traveller: TUI offers a diverse in-flight menu catering to all dietary preferences, including vegan and gluten-free options, ensuring a delicious meal for every passenger.
  • Complimentary and Premium Dining: Enjoy complimentary meals on long-haul flights or indulge in a luxurious four-course meal with TUI’s premium seating, complete with priority perks and additional treats.
  • Special Dietary Accommodations: TUI accommodates various dietary needs with special meal options available upon request, ensuring a comfortable and satisfying dining experience for all passengers.

tui in flight menu

A Little About the TUI Food and Drink Menu

Before we jump into the delectable options, we’ll quickly give some background on the TUI food menu long haul in-flight meal options. 

TUI have recently re-designed and unveiled their culinary offerings, elevating the dining experience for all passengers. This update is also known as the TUI Dreamliner Menu. 

Complimentary in-flight dining is offered on all long-haul TUI flights. If your flight lasts under 8 hours, you’ll have to pay extra to dine on board. A hot drink always follows meals, and air stewards provide complimentary bar services for soft and alcoholic beverages throughout the flight. 

Note that menus may vary depending on flight time and destination, so double-check your specific flight options before boarding.  

TUI In-Flight Menu

Know before you go. TUI ensures each course is packed with nutritious ingredients and exciting flavours. Here are some of the popular choices on the in-flight TUI menu.


All passengers receive a tasty starter to kick off the journey. Passengers can choose between these options:

  • Pork belly bites: Small pieces of crispy pork belly made for nibbling.
  • Tandoori chicken skewers: Grilled, smoky chicken skewers packed with flavour.
  • Beetroot and goat’s cheese salad: Earthy beetroot meets tangy goat’s cheese for a fresh and light option.


TUI’s mains are designed to satisfy all passengers. From veggie delights to meaty mains, there are options for everyone. Popular picks include:

  • Beef stroganoff: A hearty, comfort meal with a creamy mushroom sauce and beef strips.
  • Chicken tikka masala: Enjoy aromatic spices and tender chicken in this timeless Indian dish.
  • Vegetarian ratatouille: Packed with veggies and flavour, this stew is ideal for travellers who want a lighter or meat-free meal.


An indulgent dessert is a must when flying. TUI passengers can decide between these sumptuous desserts:

  • Raspberry panna cotta: The classic Italian dessert with a vibrant raspberry coulis.
  • Tropical fruit salad: Refreshing and palette cleansing for vegans and health-focused travellers.
  • Chocolate lava cake: For chocolate lovers, this dessert is gooey, rich, and deluxe. 

TUI Economy Menu

All economy passengers on TUI long-haul flights receive a main meal and a light refreshment included in the ticket cost. 

TUI economy class meals always include a complimentary soft, hot, or alcoholic drink. You can also buy additional snacks throughout the flight from the onboard selection. 

All meals are selected while booking the flights, but you can change them up to one day before take off with customer service or via your travel agent.

TUI Premium Seats

TUI Premium Menu

Did you know that TUI offers premium seats? That’s right. You can upgrade your flight details for a slice of luxury. When you select TUI Premium seats, you get priority boarding, wider seats, fast-track security, and a different meal. 

Instead of the standard menu, Premium seat holders receive an impressive four-course meal with a main dish, coffee, tea, and liqueurs. You also receive free premium drinks throughout the flight — except for prosecco and champagne. 

And the VIP treatment doesn’t stop there. Premium passengers also get a smaller second meal before landing. Yum. 

Children’s Menus

Travelling with tots? TUI is here to make the journey even easier. 

The TUI menu includes children’s meals for passengers between the ages of 2 to 12. Food options change depending on destination, but most flights offer spaghetti bolognese, chicken nuggets, or a cheese and tomato pizza.

If your child has dietary requirements, remember to pre-book their meal at least a day before you fly. Accommodations may not be available on the day of the journey. 

TUI doesn’t provide meals for children under the age of 2. So, remember to bring suitable food with you or purchase some at the airport. 

Special Dietary Requirements

TUI also provides a range of special meals to meet personal dietary requirements. This range includes:

  • Sugar-free meals — High-fibre, low carbs, and no added sugar.
  • Lactose-free meals — Meals without milk sugar and lactose.
  • Gluten-free meals — Meals without wheat, gluten, barley, oats, and rye.
  • Hindu meals — No beef, pork, or veal meat.
  • Pork-free meals — Meals without pork and alcohol additives.
  • Vegetarian meals — Without meat and fish. But it may contain dairy and eggs.
  • Vegan meals — Meals without meat, fish, or dairy.

If you require a special meal, you can book up to one day before your long-haul flight departure. This can be done while booking or by calling the TUI Customer Services Centre or your travel agent. 

tui in flight meals menu

What to Remember When Booking the TUI Food Menu

Don’t leave your meal selection until the last minute. Informing the airline in advance is the best way to secure your in-flight food. All food choices should be made the day before take-off, even if you don’t have any dietary requirements. 

TUI’s new menu is being used on most flights. However, there’s no guarantee these dishes will be on your flight. You should be able to see food options when you book your flight, so examine your booking details for accurate information. 

If you’re travelling with a picky eater, check the menu ahead of time and plan accordingly. TUI allows passengers to take their own food onboard, and you can purchase additional snacks during the flight.

Final Thoughts

Great food can instantly improve your flying experience, and TUI strives to deliver excellence with every journey. We hope this information has helped you plan for your holiday. If you’re going away, make sure you pre-select your meal now! 

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