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tui blue holidays

What is the Difference Between TUI BLUE and TUI Holidays?

When planning your next holiday, it’s essential to choose the travel brand that suits your preferences and needs. TUI Group, one of the world’s leading travel companies, offers two distinct brands, TUI BLUE and TUI, each catering to different types of travellers.

As you read on, we’re going to be looking at these two offerings so that you’re left with a full understanding of which would work better for you.

tui blue holidays

TUI BLUE vs. TUI: Brand Overview

TUI BLUE and TUI are both part of the TUI Group, ensuring a level of trust and reliability. However, they serve diverse audiences and offer distinct experiences. Let’s start by understanding the evolution of TUI BLUE, which plays a crucial role in differentiating the two brands.

TUI BLUE: How the Travel Experience Has Evolved

In 2018, TUI Group announced significant changes to their hotel brand, TUI BLUE. This involved consolidating their collections, including TUI Sensimar, TUI Family Life, and TUI Blue, under one brand with three tailored categories. This aimed to provide travellers with even more choices and a refined experience. Here’s what you need to know:

The TUI BLUE Collection

TUI BLUE is a brand dedicated to creating authentic holiday experiences that blend relaxation with exploration, luxury, and adventure. Fritz Joussen,  former CEO of the TUI Group, emphasised at the time the brand’s importance, stating that “the TUI brand name has become part of the hotel experience” since the launch of TUI BLUE three years ago. This rebranding aimed to make TUI BLUE the global flagship hotel brand.

Erik Friemuth, Managing Director of TUI Hotels & Resorts, further elaborated on TUI BLUE’s characteristics, highlighting its focus on comfort, quality, design, and authentic experiences of the destination.

tui blue holidays

The New TUI BLUE Hotels: A Variety of Choices

The reimagined TUI BLUE brand now encompasses three categories, each designed to cater to different types of holidaymakers:

TUI BLUE For All – Experience true culture: This category replaces the original TUI BLUE range and is ideal for travellers of all ages seeking to immerse themselves in local experiences and culture.

TUI BLUE For Two – Experience true intimacy: Similar to the previously known TUI SENSIMAR, TUI BLUE For Two is an adults-only concept focused on providing couples with quality time in tranquil settings.

TUI BLUE For Families – Experience true togetherness: With families in mind, both large and small, TUI BLUE For Families offers a wide range of activities suitable for all age groups, similar to what TUI FAMILY LIFE offered.

tui blue holiday

What to Expect at TUI BLUE Hotels

While each TUI BLUE category caters to different holidaymakers, all TUI BLUE hotels share several fantastic features:

Expert Excursions: TUI BLUE offers bookable exclusive experiences that allow you to create unforgettable memories. Whether you prefer culinary classes or dancing with the locals, there’s an excursion for everyone’s taste.

Sophisticated Surroundings: TUI BLUE hotels are strategically located in picturesque settings. Inside, you can expect stylish and modern decor, including vibrant colours, large flat-screen TVs, and in-room Bluetooth speakers for creating the perfect holiday ambience.

A Fabulous Food Scene: TUI BLUE’s restaurants cater to diverse dietary preferences, using local ingredients to provide authentic flavours. From live cooking shows to a la carte dining, you’ll have a wide range of culinary experiences to enjoy.

Fitness Fanatic Facilities: TUI BLUE encourages a healthy lifestyle with well-equipped gyms, a variety of exercise classes, and outdoor facilities. Whether you want to relax, stay active, or get in shape, TUI BLUE has you covered.

Help on Hand: BLUE® Guides, local experts, are available to assist you with any questions, room requests, or directions you may need during your stay. The BLUE® App allows you to access these services conveniently.

Well-Connected Technology: TUI BLUE provides the BLUE® App, a digital service assistant that enables you to make restaurant reservations, request services, and explore local information before and during your stay.

tui blue holiday

TUI vs. TUI BLUE: Key Differences

Now that we’ve explored the evolution and offerings of TUI BLUE, let’s delve into the key differences between TUI and TUI BLUE:

Target Audience:

TUI BLUE: Launched in 2016, TUI BLUE is designed for experience-oriented lifestyle travellers seeking a blend of relaxation, local culture, and authentic experiences. It caters to adults, couples, and families who want to explore the world while enjoying modern comforts.

TUI: TUI is a more general brand that caters to a wide range of travellers, including those looking for all-inclusive holidays, city breaks, and family holidays. While TUI offers quality accommodations and facilities, it doesn’t focus specifically on experience-oriented travellers.

Facilities and Activities:

TUI BLUE: TUI BLUE places a strong emphasis on combining relaxation with local culture and authenticity. It offers unique features such as Blue Guides, comprehensive fitness and relaxation programs, modern hotel designs, and the BLUE® App.

TUI: While TUI offers various facilities and activities, they are more general and may not prioritise the same level of immersion in local culture and experiences.

Hotel Design:

TUI BLUE: TUI BLUE hotels are known for their modern and appealing design, creating a stylish and comfortable environment for guests.

TUI: TUI’s hotel portfolio includes a variety of designs, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Digital Service:

TUI BLUE: TUI BLUE provides the BLUE® App, a digital service assistant that enhances your travel experience by providing assistance and information throughout your journey.

TUI: TUI also offers a digital app for convenience but under the TUI brand.

tui blue hotel

Choosing Between TUI BLUE and TUI

When deciding between TUI BLUE and TUI for your holiday, several factors should guide your choice:

Budget: Keep in mind that TUI BLUE hotels tend to be more upscale and, consequently, may be more expensive than TUI hotels.

Travel Dates: TUI BLUE hotels might be in high demand during peak seasons, so early booking is advisable.

Destination: Not all TUI BLUE hotels are located in the same destinations, so consider your desired location carefully.

Specific Needs: If you have specific requirements, such as dietary restrictions or mobility issues, be sure to check with the hotel before making a reservation.

Final Thoughts

The choice between TUI BLUE and TUI ultimately depends on your individual preferences and what you seek in a holiday. If you’re an experience-oriented traveller who values local culture and authenticity, TUI BLUE is an excellent choice.

However, if you prefer a more general holiday with a wider range of options, TUI is a suitable option. Regardless of your choice, both brands ensure a memorable travel experience within the trusted TUI Group network.

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