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Tenerife Stargazing

Tenerife Stargazing: Top Tenerife Stargazing Excursions for 2024

Interested in looking at the stars in Tenerife? The island has great weather and clear skies that make it a perfect place for watching the stars at night.

This guide will show you the best places to go and the right times to see all the stars above. You’ll learn how to enjoy the beautiful night skies in Tenerife to the fullest.

stargazing in tenerife

What is Stargazing?

Stargazing is all about observing the night sky. It’s a hobby that people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe can enjoy, filled with a sense of wonder as they gaze at the stars and planets above. It’s fun for everyone, from those taking a casual tour to gaze at the stars in Teide to astronomers peering through telescopes to unlock the universe’s mysteries.

Here’s what you might see on a stargazing night in Tenerife:

  • Bright planets like Jupiter and Saturn
  • Space rocks
  • Comets
  • Meteor showers

Stargazing isn’t just a hobby; it’s important for science too. Telescopes at places like the Teide Observatory have helped us learn more about the universe and see far-off parts of our Solar System.

No matter if you enjoy stargazing as a pastime, for scientific study, or for astrology, it’s all about the excitement of discovery and learning.

stargazing in tenerife

Why Tenerife is a Great Place to Stargaze?

The weather and location of Tenerife make it a great place for looking at the stars. Nights are usually clear, especially in July, and there aren’t many city lights to get in the way, so you can see the stars really well. The island is also up high and doesn’t have a lot of wet air, which makes the stars even easier to see.

Mount Teide National Park is the best spot in Tenerife for stargazing. It’s known as a Starlight Destination, which means it’s one of the best places in the world to look at the stars. You can see lots of different stars and patterns in the sky from almost any place in the park, which is awesome for anyone who loves to watch the stars.

When can you see the Milky Way in Tenerife?

The Milky Way is best seen in Tenerife from April to September, with peak visibility during June, July, and August. Teide National Park offers clear views due to its high altitude and low light pollution.

stargazing in tenerife

Tenerife Stargazing Excursion Companies

Many companies in Tenerife specialize in guiding visitors through the wonders of the night sky. They offer a variety of tours tailored to suit anyone interested in stargazing, from extensive evening adventures under the stars to brief, magical glimpses of the night sky.

The experience provided by these tours is engaging and accessible, ensuring that each participant leaves with a sense of amazement. With knowledgeable guides leading the way, these tours visit prime stargazing locations across the island, allowing for unforgettable views of the celestial spectacle above.

stargazing tenerife mount teide

Teide By Night

Teide By Night offers a unique stargazing experience. This excursion is certified by the Starlight Foundation, ensuring that the guides are updated with the latest astronomical knowledge and that the tour adheres to the highest standards of stargazing practices.

The Teide By Night excursion, also known as a Teide stargazing trip, goes beyond being a mere stargazing tour. It begins with an amazing sunset viewing from a high vantage point situated at an altitude of 2,536 meters. As twilight fades, the stars become the main attraction, and the real adventure starts.

Accompanied by a three-course meal, you’ll join a guided stargazing tour. Under the expert guidance of Starlight Foundation-certified guides, you’ll navigate the night sky, exploring constellations, galaxies, and other celestial wonders.

Spanning approximately 9 hours, the excursion provides an exhaustive stargazing experience, ensuring as many wow moments as possible.

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stargazing tenerife

Canarias Nature Guides

Canarias Nature Guides is known for its commitment to eco-friendly tourism and memorable experiences. Their ‘Stargazing in Teide’ tour is a popular choice, taking visitors to the volcano’s summit to enjoy the night sky. The multilingual guides are well-trained in safety, ensuring a secure and enlightening adventure.

The company is dedicated to:

  • Responsible tourism
  • Sustainable practices
  • Supporting local communities
  • Preserving the environment

These tours are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, families, and solo travellers looking for an adventure amidst nature.

stargazing tenerife

Parque Estelar Starlight Camino Barranco de Badajoz

Parque Estelar Starlight Camino Barranco de Badajoz offers a unique stargazing experience. Located in Guimar, it’s a special Starlight Stellar Park that offers a peaceful environment for observing the night sky.

The park provides a captivating Night Sky Observation experience, inclusive of a self-guided tour that leads visitors through seven night sky observation points. With its double Starlight Certification, the park ensures the best visibility of celestial objects.

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stargazing tenerife

Tenerife Stars

Tenerife Stars provides guided stargazing tours at some of the island’s top locations, such as Teide National Park, Anaga Rural Park, and Punta del Hidalgo. Offering a variety of tours like the Mount Teide Night Tour, Astronomical observation on Teide, Sunset & Stars tour, and Night Sky Star Safari, Tenerife Stars caters to every level of stargazing interest.

Expert guides lead the tours, giving detailed explanations of celestial phenomena, making the tours as educational as they are entertaining. They recommend taking a guided tour for the best stargazing experience, as their guides will take you to the best locations and provide telescopes and other necessary equipment for an unforgettable celestial viewing.

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teide stargazing tour tenerife

Final Thoughts

Stargazing in Tenerife is an unforgettable adventure. The clear skies, beautiful scenery, and expert guides make it easy for anyone to enjoy the stars.

Whether you’re looking up at the night sky for the first time or you’re a seasoned star watcher, Tenerife’s stargazing excursions offer a magical experience for everyone.

It’s a simple joy that connects us with the vast universe above, leaving us with memories that sparkle like the stars themselves.

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teide stargazing tour tenerife

Frequently Asked Questions

Still got questions about Stargazing in Tenerife? Check out out FAQ section below.

What makes Teide National Park special for stargazing in Tenerife?

Teide National Park is a starlight destination renowned for its clear skies and minimal light pollution, making it a prime spot for stargazing in Tenerife. Its high altitude offers amazing views of the night sky, perfect for night sky observation and Teide stargazing tours.

Can I view the Milky Way during my stargazing experience in Tenerife?

Yes, the Milky Way is particularly visible during the summer months in Tenerife, especially from Mount Teide. This stargazing experience offers stunning sunsets and a clear view of our galaxy, making it a highlight for Tenerife stargazing excursions.

What should I expect on a Teide stargazing tour?

A Teide stargazing tour typically includes guided night sky observation with opportunities to see various celestial bodies. These guided tours often feature detailed explanations of the night skies over Mount Teide National Park.

How does light pollution affect stargazing in Tenerife?

Light pollution is minimal in Tenerife, especially in areas like Teide National Park, enhancing the stargazing experience. This low pollution allows for clearer views of the stars and other celestial objects.

Are there guided tours available for stargazing in Tenerife?

Yes, there are numerous guided tours offering stargazing experiences in Tenerife. These tours often include professional astronomers and specialized equipment, enhancing the night sky star safari.

What kind of celestial bodies can I observe during stargazing in Tenerife?

In Tenerife, you can observe a variety of celestial bodies including planets, stars, galaxies, and meteor showers, especially during stargazing trips in Teide National Park.

How does the night sky change throughout the year in Tenerife?

The night sky in Tenerife varies with the seasons, offering different constellations and celestial events, including the visibility of the Milky Way and meteor showers.

Are there any specific stargazing spots in Tenerife outside of Teide National Park?

Yes, Tenerife offers several stargazing spots outside Teide National Park, such as Masca Valley and El Palmar, known for their clear skies and minimal light pollution.

What are the requirements for a stargazing excursion in Tenerife?

For a stargazing excursion, it’s recommended to dress in warm clothes due to the cooler temperatures at high altitudes, and to be aware of the tour’s cancellation policies and age restrictions.

What unique experiences do Tenerife stargazing excursions offer?

Tenerife stargazing excursions offer unique experiences like observing the Milky Way, learning about celestial bodies, and combining stargazing with other activities such as hiking or visiting the Teide Observatory.

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