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Can You Stay In The Love Island Villa?

It’s not summer without watching a spot of Love Island. But have you ever caught yourself wondering what happens to the fabulous villa when the series isn’t on?

After filming ends and contestants finish “cracking on,” the villa doesn’t close its doors for the rest of the year — far from it. Once the Love Islanders leave, the villa is actually open for rentals. That’s right. You can bring your besties and explore the property on your own TV-inspired break.

Curious about staying in the famous Love Island villa? You’re not the only one! In this blog, we’re covering where this cult classic show is filmed and how you can book a stay here. Let’s dive in.

Where Is The Love Island Villa?

Could you pinpoint the Love Island villa on a map? Don’t worry if geography isn’t your top subject. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to.

But note that there are two Love Island villas — one for the summer and one for the winter season. Make sure you know which you prefer before thinking about booking!

The Summer Love Island Villa

The summer Love Island villa is the most iconic and longest-running option. This villa is famously located in Mallorca and has been home to some of the best moments on the show.

Pretty much all of the show has been filmed here — apart from season 1. However, from the 2022 summer series, the producers had to swap to a different villa as the original had become unavailable.

Don’t fret, though! The new villa is still located in Mallorca, and it’s only an hour west of the original house. The new villa is named “Sa Vinyassa” — jot this down if you want to stay! You can find the impressive accommodation just outside the town of Cala d’Or.

As hardcore Love Island fans will know, the villa has a luxurious outdoor space, day beds, an infinity pool, and gorgeous views. Plus, the inside is super spacious — ideal for a big girls’ trip or a party with the lads.

Whether you recreate your favourite moments or take influencer-approved selfies, this is an unforgettable holiday accommodation.

The Winter Love Island Villa

Love Island isn’t just a summer treat. Nope! The show added a winter edition to ensure UK viewers could also access juicy gossip and sweet love stories in the cold season.

Unlike the Spanish summer series, winter Love Islanders escape to South Africa for a slice of winter warmth. The 2023 villa was within the Franschhoek wine valley, a picturesque area located east of Cape Town in the Southern Hemisphere. There’s plenty of sun here in the UK winter months, that’s for sure!

The winter villa is part of the Ludus Magnus estate, and it’s described as a luxurious “Eco retreat.” Ideal for anyone who’s looking for a more eco-conscious holiday.

Here you can relax amongst endless rows of palm trees, a huge pool, and stunning views of the valley. You’ll want your camera on hand for this holiday. Just remember to visit in the UK winter months to get the hottest temperatures!

love island villa

Can You Stay In The Love Island Villa?

Now we know the Love Island filming locations, how do you secure your booking?

The Mallorca summer 2022 villa is available for bookings, but you might have to wait a little while — at least until 2025. This trendy accommodation is available on Spanish holiday letting websites, and we now know the exact specifications of the house.

If you book, you can access:

  • Seven bathrooms
  • Six double bedrooms
  • Infinity Pool
  • That famous outdoor shower

The cost per night is approximately £610 (€700) or around £4200 (€4800) for a week. It’s not the cheapest place to stay, but it all feels worth it when you’re sitting in the spot the stars did.

Looking for a winter getaway? The South African villa is also available. However, it’s even more expensive than the Mallorcan spot.

For some winter sun, guests need to pay a minimum of £9,000 a night based on prices from March, the end of South Africa’s summer season. If you want to stay in the peak season, be ready for prices to shoot up even further.

You can also book in South Africa’s winter (June to September), but the weather will be cooler, and the resort might not be as busy.

Book Now: You can find the summer Love Island villa here and the winter villa here.

Does The Villa Look The Same?

Before you consider booking, remember that the villas don’t look like they do on the show for the majority of the year.

On TV, we’re treated to colourful decor, neon slogans, and all of those beds. However, the villa looks a little more rustic when the Love Island team isn’t filming. Think wooden sunbeds, natural colours, and wooden pergolas. It’s still super chic but not the over-the-top aesthetic viewers are used to.

Also, the popular firepit and outdoor kitchens are removed when the TV team leaves. So, you can enjoy the gorgeous views and pool, but you won’t be able to pop downstairs and make a coffee for your mates Curtis Prichard style.

Don’t Forget To Tune In

Whether you’re booking your next holiday or simply interested in the set, we hope we’ve answered all Love Island villa questions.

The show returned for its 10th summer season in 2023, and you can find it on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm from Monday to Friday. And don’t forget the Unseen Bits on Saturday! You can never get too much Love Island fun.

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