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Norse Atlantic Premium

Your Ultimate Guide to Flying Norse Atlantic Premium in 2024

Despite being known as a budget-friendly airline, Norse Atlantic has a premium fare, which passengers seeking more comfort and convenience can opt for. If you’re considering flying with Norse Atlantic and would like to find out everything about the Premium fares, this article is just for you.

In the next 5 to 10 minutes, we’ll talk about what Norse Atlantic’s premium ticket is, how much it costs, and every amenity and convenience that you’ll be able to take advantage of should you decide to buy one.

What’s the Premium Ticket At Norse Atlantic & What Does it Include?

Norse Atlantic’s premium fare is the highest class of ticket that you can buy. It simply doesn’t get any better than this. That said, when booking your flights, you’ll be able to pick from three different premium tiers, including Premium Light, Premium Classic, and Premium Flextra.

Each following tier is more expensive than the last, but it does offer more benefits, which we’ll explore below.

Premium Light

  • 1 x small underseat bag
  • 1 x carry-on bag (10kg)
  • 2 x meal services
  • Premium boarding
  • Priority check-in
  • Ability to change flight date ($200)

Premium Classic

  • 1 x small underseat bag
  • 1 x carry-on bag (10kg)
  • 1 x standard checked bag (23kg)
  • 2 x meal services
  • Premium boarding
  • Priority check in
  • Ability to change flight date ($125)

Premium Flextra

  • Ability to choose your own seat
  • 1 x small underseat bag
  • 1 x carry-on bag (10kg)
  • 1 x standard checked bag (23kg)
  • 2 x meal services
  • Premium boarding
  • Priority check in
  • Ability to change flight date for free

Everything You Need to Know About Flying Norse Atlantic Premium

Before spending double on upgrading to Premium, you’ve got to know what you’re getting in return. That way, you’ll see if there’s the value for money that you’re looking for.

The Check-In Process

One of the biggest benefits of Premium ticket holders is that they get priority check-in and priority boarding. That way, you don’t have to wait for hundreds of other passengers, which is most flyer’s worst nightmare. Instead, you’ll have your own designated check-in desk as well as be one of the first people to get on board and settle in.

The Seats & the Cabin

Premium ticket holders will be seated in the Premium cabin, which is in a completely different part of the plane. There, the seats are completely different from economy. They are about 1.5x larger, giving you more room that you’ll need. The Premium seats can also recline about half way, allowing passengers to catch up on some sleep before they reach their destinations.

As far as the cabin is concerned, it’s the same size, but everyone has a lot more personal space due to the larger seats. This is unlike economy, where the seating configuration is 2-3-2.

In-Flight Amenities

Despite the fact that you’re flying premium, you won’t get bedding or pillows when flying with Norse Atlantic. However, you can take advantage of your personal flat-screen TV and watch some movies and TV shows while flying (no Wi-Fi though). If you want

If you’re using your own device, don’t forget the charger as you’ll have your own power and USB sockets that you can use to charge up your devices. If you don’t have the USB you need, don’t worry. Just ask a member of the cabin crew and they’ll give you the one you need (subject to availability).

In-Flight Food & Beverage Options

Every premium ticket holder will get two meal services included as part of their fare. These will be given out to you throughout the flight and you won’t have to pay a penny for them. If the complementary foods and drinks you receive aren’t quite enough, you can always purchase more from the in-flight menu (subject to availability).

We’ve gone through Norse Atlantic’s on-board menu and it’s fairly decent. You can order a variety of sandwiches and actual meals such as curry. As far as drinks go, you can get anything from Coca Cola to freshly brewed Lavazza coffee. And best of all, the prices of food and drink items on board aren’t bad at all.

The Cost of Flying Premium With Norse Atlantic

Now that you know everything that is included with your Premium fare, let’s take a look at what flying Premium will cost you (it’s usually 50% to 100% more compared to economy). For this example, we’re going to be checking the prices of return flights in November 2023 from London Gatwick to a handful of different US destinations.

To Boston (BOS)

  • Premium Light: $858 / £673
  • Premium Classic: $1,038 / £814
  • Premium Flextra: $1,398 / £1,097

To Los Angeles (LAX)

  • Premium Light: $950 / £745
  • Premium Classic: $1,130 / £886
  • Premium Flextra: $1,490 / £1,169

To New York (JFK)

  • Premium Light: $878 / £689
  • Premium Classic: $1,058 / £830
  • Premium Flextra: $1,418 / £1,112


Flying Premium with Norse Atlantic is a fairly decent experience, and is one far better than passengers flying in economy. With your premium fare, you’ll get priority check-in and boarding, in-flight entertainment, two meal services, a larger and more comfortable seat, and other similar benefits.

That said, the price you’ll be expected to pay for a premium ticket compared to its economy counterpart is between 50% and 100% higher. So, as far as value for money goes, it really depends on your individual needs and what you’re looking for when flying long-haul.

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