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Hotels near Cadbury World in Birmingham: Our Top Picks for 2024

For people who love chocolate a visit to Cadbury’s World should be a top destination of choice. Whilst at Cadbury World you can experience a fun-filled chocolate themed day out across the self-guided tour.

The main attractions include a 4d chocolate adventure cinema, learning about how some of the most popular Cadburys products are made, a chance to see some of Cadbury’s historical collections, being told the Cadbury story, a chance at chocolate tasting, and much more.

There are also special activities such as the opportunity to dine with characters and an option to book an afternoon tea which includes sweet items made using a Cadbury’s recipe.

Cadbury World is located in Bourneville which is in the city of Birmingham, and as you would expect from a large city there are plenty of places to stay that offer great access to Cadbury World.

This blog post is going to look at the various Birmingham hotels, including cheap Birmingham hotels which are perfect for families intending to visit Cadbury World, but also don’t break the bank.

We’ve gone for a mixture of Birmingham hotels that sit nearby to Cadbury World, offer cheap prices and also provide good access to other Birmingham attractions.

comfortable bed at Premier Inn near cadbury world birmingham

Premier Inns Near Cadbury World

We wanted to start this list with Premier Inn simply because as parents you like to know exactly what you’re going to get when you turn up at a hotel.

The great thing about a Premier Inn is that they’re always conveniently placed, and you’re guaranteed to get a good night’s sleep and good food options – I’ve never seen a kid that doesn’t like the breakfast buffet options!

Premier Inn near cadbury world birmingham

Premier Inn Birmingham Central hotel (Hagley Road)

Address: 176-184 Hagley Rd, Birmingham B16 9NY

This Premier Inn is located just under 3 miles away from Cadbury World on Hagley Road meaning it provides excellent access.

There’s also a Beefeater restaurant on site which provides easy access to food options after a long day out. We’ve mentioned this already but the breakfast buffet can’t be overlooked as a great, cost-effective way of filling up before heading out for the day with kids eating for free with a paying adult.

Where Premier Inn does excel is in the price department and compared to other options it’s a cheap Birmingham hotel, especially when booked in advance or during quieter times of the year.

There are also a lot of Premier Inns scattered in and around Birmingham and near to Cadbury World, with some being a little further out but perfect if you don’t fancy staying right near the centre of Birmingham.

hotel near cadbury world

Premier Inn Birmingham South (Rubery) hotel

Address: Great Park, Ashbrook Dr, Rubery, Birmingham B45 9FP

This Premier Inn is another great option as it’s located on the bowling complex at Great Park, which is a perfect option if you wish to engage is some evening entertainment with the kids. As it’s only 4 miles away from Cadbury World you also have the benefit of a short commute to the attraction.

hotel near cadbury world birmingham

Premier Inn Birmingham South (Hall Green) hotel

Address: Stratford Rd, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 9ES

The last Premier Inn to make this list is situated just over 4 miles from Cadbury World. The Birmingham South (Hall Green) hotel offers free parking and provides easy access to Cadbury World.

There are also a few more around if none of the ones in this list are available, however we wanted to leave some space to talk about other hotels!

Here are a few other Birmingham hotels perfect for families looking to stay near Cadbury World.

hotel near cadbury world birmingham

Old Farm hotel

Address: 108 Linden Rd, Bournville, Birmingham B30 1LA

The Old Farm hotel is situated just five minutes away from Cadbury World so it’s very difficult to find a closer hotel. If you don’t fancy stopping in a chain hotel this one could be the perfect option as it offers everything you need from free Wi-Fi to parking.

The on-site restaurant makes it easy to navigate mealtimes with the kids and they will also love running around the large rear garden whilst you relax with a beverage of choice.

Whilst the price isn’t as competitive as other Birmingham hotels, you are getting the experience of staying in a unique hotel that is excellently placed near Cadbury World to avoid excess travel time and other local attractions.

An added bonus of staying at the Old Farm hotel is that it’s located in a quiet area allowing for a much more relaxed holiday and being able to escape the hustle ad bustle of the crowded city centre at the end of the day.

hotel near cadbury world birmingham

The Bournbrook Inn

Address: 1273 Pershore Rd, Stirchley, Birmingham B30 2YT

The Bournbrook Inn makes our list as another excellent choice due to its location – situated just over a mile away from Cadbury World in a suburb called Stirchley. As with the Old Farm hotel, the Bournbrook Inn being situated in a quiet area offers the opportunity to escape the crowds at the end of a busy day.

The hotel also boasts an extensive menu which includes an excellent children’s menu – perfect for hungry little tums after a long day visiting Cadbury World, and also perfect for parents who want their kids to eat a decent meal after munching on all that chocolate!

hotel near cadbury world birmingham

The Abbey hotel

Address: The Abbey Hotel, Hither Green Ln, Dagnell End Rd, Redditch B98 9BE

Although this is further away from Cadbury World than the hotels we’ve shared so far, The Abbey Hotel makes the list due to the great number of facilities on offer, plus the fact that it also has some brilliant features for kids, such as inter-connecting rooms.

This hotel is based in Redditch and is 9 miles away from Cadbury World meaning if you do stay here you are going to have to factor in the additional travel time when visiting the attraction.

However, what sets it apart is activities to keep all the family entertained, which include the 18-hole golf course, luxury spa, an on-site restaurant and plenty of outdoor space, including woodlands for the kids to explore and tire themselves out.

cadbury world hotels

Travelodge Hotels Near Cadbury World

We switch back to chain hotels for the next part of the article because we promised to include cheap Birmingham hotels in our round-up, and whilst staying at Travelodge won’t provide the luxury of other the hotels we’ve covered, they are an excellent option for people on a budget..

cadbury world hotels

Travelodge Birmingham Maypole

Address: Maypole Ln, Birmingham B14 5JF

The Travelodge Birmingham Maypole tops our list of Travelodge’s because of its proximity to Cadbury World along with the price. It’s situated around 3.5 miles away meaning a short amount of travel time is required. As it’s a chain hotel it offers a huge range of pricing options making it an excellent choice for those looking for no frills travel options.

This Travelodge also boasts a 24-hour on-site restaurant meaning you can fill up on breakfast before you head out for the day or fill up on a pizza when you return in the evening.

There’s also some limited on-site free parking which can be taken advantage of, or if you can’t get a free space, a local car park offers 24-hour parking at a rate of £3, which offers good value for money in our opinion.

cadbury world hotels

Birmingham Central Bullring Travelodge

Address: Upper Dean St, Birmingham B5 4SG

This Travelodge is perfect if you want to stay right in the heart of the city and be close to all of what Birmingham has to offer. In respect of Cadbury World it’s around 4.5 miles away and will take approximately 25 minutes to get there in a car.

What’s brilliant about this particular Travelodge is that it’s conveniently located near Birmingham New Street station meaning travelling via public transport is a great way to get to this hotel, so why not leave the stress of driving at home and jump on the train for this trip.

As you’d expect from Travelodge, you’re not going to find a swimming pool or sauna, but you will get things like Freeview TV, a king-size bed and an ensuite shower. Using the saver rate this hotel can also be booked for under £100 a night which is a bargain for city centre accommodation.

hotel near cadbury world birmingham

Birmingham Central Newhall Street

Address: Charlotte St, Birmingham B3 1PW

The last Travelodge on our list takes us to a similar location to the Birmingham Central Bullring as it’s also close to the city centre, although this one is closer to the Jewellery Quarter. In terms of distance to Cadbury World, this one is just over 5 miles and you can expect the journey to take around 30 minutes by car.

You can expect the same services as other Travelodge’s and whilst you won’t be blown away by what’s on offer, the price is the most attractive point, again, coming in at £100 a night for a city centre hotel when booked via the saver rate.

One final point to mention during this section on Travelodge is that the rooms mainly contain double beds and cater for 2 adults, so my best when travelling without children or if there is one adult and one child who don’t mind co-sleeping for a night.

Now that we’ve rounded up a selection of Travelodge’s we’re going to finish off this article by looking at some other types of hotels which cater more towards family holidays.

cadbury world hotels

Our Top Pick – Warwick Castle

Address: Warwick Castle, Warwick CV34 4QU

Earlier on in this blog post we mentioned looking out for our top pick and here it is – we’re sorry to have kept you waiting but we hope it’s worth the wait!

We need to start off with the minor negative aspect about Warwick Castle and that is that it’s located 23 miles away from Cadbury World. Whilst this certainly isn’t the closest hotel we’ve included in the list, hopefully, its uniqueness will make you understand why it makes the cut.

First of all, there’s an opportunity to stay in one of three types of rooms: a glamping tent, a woodland lodge or a 14th Century style tower – tell me what child wouldn’t want to spend the night in a 14th Century style tower!

There are loads to do whilst at Warwick Castle, so much in fact that it probably warrants a holiday of its own. Let the kids run wild at Zog Playland or work their way through the Horrible Histories maze. There are also plenty of different events, seasonal activities and other attractions to keep everyone busy and entertained.

cadbury world hotels

Greenlands Inn

Address: 105 Longbridge Ln, Longbridge, Birmingham B31 4LF

The final hotel to make our list of best Birmingham hotels near Cadbury World is the Greenlands Inn, which is only 2.5 miles away making it easy to get to the attraction.

The hotel boasts 28 rooms in total, including family rooms, a pool and snooker table, a large beer garden and a sports bar.

Greenlands Inn also provides great food options, including a stunning Sunday roast through their extensive menu – it really is a place that where you’ll never go hungry.

Final Thoughts

This rounds up our selection of the best Birmingham hotels near to Cadbury World that are perfect for families. We hope that we’ve provided you with a great selection of cheap hotels, hotels which are close to Cadbury World, unique hotels that offer activities for the whole family and hotels which offer great services.

We could have included many more however we feel that there is more than enough here for you to plan a memorable trip to Cadbury World.

As we sign off this blog post, we just wanted to reiterate how much of a fantastic day out Cadbury World is for the whole family and we hope this article has gone some way to taking the planning stress away by providing everything you need to know.

nearby attractions in Birmingham

Frequently Asked Questions

Still got questions about hotels near Cadbury World? Check out our FAQ section below.

What are the best hotels near Cadbury World for families?

The best family-friendly hotels near Cadbury World include the Premier Inn Birmingham Central on Hagley Road, Old Farm Hotel, and the Bournbrook Inn. These accommodations offer great services, comfortable rooms, and some, like the Premier Inn, provide free parking and breakfast options that are perfect for both adults and children.

Are there any hotels near Cadbury World hotels with free parking?

Yes, several hotels near Cadbury World offer free parking, including the Premier Inn Birmingham South (Hall Green) and the Old Farm Hotel. These hotels are situated within a mile or so from Cadbury World, making them convenient options for visitors.

How close is the Edgbaston Park Hotel Birmingham to Cadbury World?

The Edgbaston Park Hotel in Birmingham is located just a few miles from Cadbury World, offering easy access to this popular visitor attraction. Guests can enjoy comfortable beds, excellent restaurant facilities, and a comfortable stay, all within a short drive to Cadbury World.

Are there any hotels near Cadbury that are good for visitors on a budget?

Yes, for those looking to save money, Travelodge Birmingham Maypole and Birmingham Central Bullring Travelodge offer competitive prices. These hotels provide basic, yet comfortable accommodation options near Cadbury World, with some offering breakfast and free parking facilities.

What accommodation options are available for a large family visiting Cadbury World?

Hotels like the Abbey Hotel and Greenlands Inn offer family rooms, ensuring that larger families have enough space. They also provide various amenities, such as on-site restaurants and activities, making them ideal for families looking to stay near Cadbury World.

How can I find hotels near Cadbury World with good access to Birmingham city centre?

Hotels like the Birmingham Central Bullring Travelodge are located near the city centre and offer good access to both Cadbury World and Birmingham’s main attractions, including Broad Street and the University. This makes them excellent choices for visitors looking to explore the city as well as Cadbury World.

What services and amenities can I expect from hotels near Cadbury World?

Guests can expect a range of services and amenities, including comfortable beds, free Wi-Fi, on-site restaurants, and sometimes free parking. Most hotels also offer family-friendly facilities, ensuring a pleasant stay for visitors of all ages planning to explore Cadbury World and the surrounding Birmingham area.

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