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Best Eurocamps in France

Best Eurocamps in France: Top Eurocamps in the South of France

Welcome to our guide on the top Eurocamp sites in the South of France, your gateway to the perfect camping holiday.

If your idea of a getaway includes sandy beaches, huge pool complexes, and direct beach access, you’ve found the right spot. Tailored for families, our recommend Eurocamp’s are packed with fun, offering kids clubs and water slides for endless entertainment.

From the bustling atmosphere of La Baume Campsite in Frejus to the peaceful surroundings of Domaine des Naiades, we invite you to discover the best that southern France has to offer.

Lets Get Started!

Best in Eurocamps France (Located in the South of France)

  • Aloha Village– Sérignan-Plage, Languedoc
  • Airotel Pyrénées Campsite
  • La Baume Campsite
  • Cote D’Argent Campsite
  • Domaine des Naiades
  • Camping Club Mar Estang
  • Le Soleil Campsite

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1. Aloha Village– Sérignan-Plage, Languedoc

Address: 34410 Sérignan, France

Aloha Village Eurocamp is the hidden gem between the Mediterranean Sea’s shimmering waters and the verdant French countryside. The camp offers a true family-friendly taste of paradise.

This Eurocamp in the south of France will keep you entertained from sunrise to sunset. With its on-site water park, thrilling slides, and large swimming pools, you’ll find it impossible not to dive headfirst into aquatic fun.

Sports lovers can choose from many options, such as horse riding, archery, and even water aerobics – the choices are endless.

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2. Airotel Pyrénées Campsite

Address: 46 Avenue du Barège, Esquièze-Sère, 65120 Luz-Saint-Sauveur, France

Do you fancy a National Park on your doorstep? Airotel Pyrénées Eurocamp South France is a winning choice for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers. Its exquisite location at the foot of the Pyrénées Mountains allows campers to take advantage of the stunning natural environment.

From the moment you arrive, Airotel Pyrénées Campsite will have you spellbound. This campsite is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere and modern amenities. You can dive into one of the parc’s three pool complexes or unwind in a small spa with a Jacuzzi and sauna.

When it comes to activities and exploration, there are plenty of options available here. Your adventurous side will delight in trekking across the breath-taking scenery while discovering local wildlife and hidden gems. Alternatively, you can take a soothing dip in one of the stunning natural lakes nearby.

eurocamps france

3. La Baume Campsite

Address: 3775 Rue des Combattants d’Afrique du N, 83600 Fréjus, France

La Baume is one of the best campsites in the Languedoc region. It’s on a vast green expanse, offering direct access to the scenic River Orb. This spectacular campsite promises a family-friendly and thrilling holiday experience, with activities ranging from on-site water fun to many different sports.

La Baume features a vast array of facilities that cater to all ages and tastes. Make the most of its heated swimming pools, modern playgrounds, and sporting areas such as tennis courts, basketball hoops, beach volleyball courts and more.

Accommodation options are plentiful in this camp. You can choose between luxurious villas with private terraces or comfortable mobile homes with all the amenities you need for a pleasant stay. Furthermore, if camping is what you’re after, don’t hesitate to pitch your tent at one of the spacious pitches offered by La Baume.

If you’re keen to explore further afield, the surrounding areas offer ample opportunities for discovery. For example, you can take a day trip to nearby Carcassonne and admire its remarkable castle or uncover the secrets of Avignon and its majestic bridge.

Whatever your plans, La Baume will surely provide an unforgettable stay in the South of France.

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4. Cote D’Argent Campsite

Address: 134 Avenue de la Marine À Contaut, 33990 Hourtin, France

Do you dream of a sun-soaked escape to southwest France? Look no further than Cote D’Argent Campsite, a beautiful and diverse spot that promises a memorable and relaxing retreat for all. Nestled amidst the beautiful pine forest, just 300 metres from a sandy Beach, this expansive campsite provides the perfect blend of tranquil settings and vibrant activities.

As a nature-lover and camper, I was blown away by Cote D’Argent Campsite’s fantastic range of accommodation. This place caters to every type of adventurer, from luxury glamping tents to well-furnished cabins.

Futhermore, the magnificent Eurocamp South of France boasts top-notch facilities. These include jaw-dropping slides and water cascades for all ages, two pool complexes, and a pool with a retractable roof to ensure campers find their stay smooth and comfortable.

With a diverse assortment of activities available, boredom is just not an option here. Thrill-seekers can catch waves on the Atlantic coast or explore the nearby forest on guided cycle tours.

For a change of pace, the vibrant resort town of Hourtin boasts a delightful weekly market and a tranquil lake, perfect for a lazy afternoon paddle.

eurocamp south of france

5. Domaine des Naiades

Address: 655 Chem. des Mûres, 83310 Grimaud, France

In the picturesque region of the Côte d’Azur lies Domaine des Naiades, a true paradise for holidaymakers seeking the best of both Riviera and Provence experiences. This luxurious Eurocamp South France boasts an unrivalled location and bountiful world-class amenities. With the azure shores of Port Grimaud just a stone’s throw away, and lush Provencal landscapes surrounding it, Domaine des Naiades provides a serene and indulgent haven to unwind.

The campsite provides versatile accommodation options, including quaint mobile homes and lavish holiday villas that blend modern comforts with traditional Provençal charm. Revel in the glorious Mediterranean sun as you lounge by the spacious swimming pools, or engage in stimulating sports at the tennis, volleyball, and boules courts.

Eager to explore the region’s distinctive culinary delights? Domaine des Naiades’ on-site restaurant and bakery showcase the exquisite flavours, featuring mouth-watering seafood dishes, locally sourced produce, and an extensive array of fine wines. .

eurocamp south of france

6. Camping Club Mar Estang

Address: Voie des Flamants Roses, 66140 Canet-en-Roussillon, France

At Camping Club Mar Estang, nestled within the sun-soaked beauty of Canet-en-Roussillon, you will discover the ultimate haven for all your camping desires. This idyllic Eurocamp South of France offers a serene coastal escape for those seeking an adventurous and memorable holiday.

Located just a stone’s throw away from the pristine Mediterranean shoreline, Estang guarantees an unparalleled beach getaway. The campsite’s lush greenery creates an idyllic setting for nature lovers, providing plentiful spaces to pitch a cosy tent or indulge in a luxurious caravan for a truly unforgettable stay.

While nature lovers will appreciate the campsite’s proximity to the stunning Pyrénées-Orientales, thrill-seekers will find a wealth of on-site activities, including swimming pools with waterslides, football pitches, and even a kid’s club for the youngest adventurers.

And after a day filled with action and exploration, there’s no better place to unwind than at one of Mar Estang’s inviting restaurants and bars, where you can indulge your taste buds with the region’s finest offerings.

best eurocamps in france

7. Le Soleil Campsite

Address: Rte du Littoral, 66702 Argelès-sur-Mer, France

Nestled amidst the lush and serene embrace of Mother Nature is the Le Soleil Campsite. A place where time loses its essence, and the heart, held captive by the beauty that surrounds it, finds solace in the stillness. As you step onto the campsite, the harmonious blend of earthy hues and abundant greenery draws you in, leaving the chaos of daily life behind.

Nothing beats waking up to the sweet symphony of birdsong, with a tapestry of verdant landscapes adorning your scenic view.

These picturesque moments become a reality at the heart of Le Soleil Campsite. With well-maintained facilities and access to clean drinking water, you never feel far from the comforts of home, despite being ensconced in nature.

Numerous activities cater to the adventurous souls – from scenic hiking trails that lead to magnificent views to cosy campfire spots where stories and laughter come alive under the star-studded sky.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide has given you a better insight into the best Eurocamps South of France! Whether you’re looking for an adventure-filled family holiday or a relaxing getaway with luxurious accommodation, there is something here to suit every taste and budget.

best eurocamps in france

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about your upcoming Camping Holiday? Take a look at our FAQ section below.

What makes Eurocamp sites in the South of France so appealing for a camping holiday?

Eurocamp sites in the South of France offer a unique blend of lovely beaches, direct access to nature, and comprehensive pool complexes. From the huge pool complex at La Croix du Vieux Pont to the sandy beach near St Tropez, these campsites provide families with an array of activities, including kids clubs, water parks, and aqua gym classes, all within walking distance or a short drive to iconic southern French locales.

Can you recommend a Eurocamp with direct beach access and a lovely beach nearby?

Absolutely! Le Soleil Campsite in Argelès-sur-Mer offers direct access to a lovely beach, making it perfect for those who dream of a camping holiday by the sea. This campsite combines the beauty of the French countryside with the convenience of beachside camping.

Are there Eurocamp locations with facilities for kids and family-friendly activities?

Yes, many Eurocamp parcs, like Aloha Village and Camping Club Mar Estang, feature extensive kids clubs, swimming pool complexes, and giant waterslides, ensuring a fun-filled holiday for the entire family.

What Eurocamp in the South of France is close to Disneyland Paris?

While most Eurocamps in the South of France are situated for beach and countryside holidays, Domaine des Naiades offers easy access to major highways that can lead you to Disneyland Paris for an exciting day trip.

Which Eurocamp has the best pool complex in the South of France?

La Baume Campsite in Fréjus boasts one of the best pool complexes, including a lagoon pool with a retractable roof, making it ideal for any weather condition.

What are the best Eurocamp sites for exploring the Dordogne region?

For those keen to explore the Dordogne River and surrounding pine forests, Domaine de la Rive offers a fantastic base with access to water parks and canoeing on the river, embodying the essence of a true outdoor adventure.

How far is Béziers Airport from the nearest Eurocamp in the South of France?

Camping Club Mar Estang is conveniently located within a reasonable drive from Béziers Airport, offering easy access for international travelers looking to enjoy the southern France camping experience.

Are there any Eurocamps that offer cycle hire for exploring Provence?

Yes, Domaine des Ormes provides cycle hire services, allowing guests to explore the stunning Provence region, its vineyards, and the charming town of Port Grimaud at their own pace.

Can you find Eurocamps with an indoor pool for year-round swimming?

Domaine des Naiades features an indoor pool with a retractable roof, ensuring that guests can enjoy swimming pools regardless of the season, making it one of the best Eurocamp choices for aqua gym enthusiasts and swimmers.

What makes Eurocamp holidays in the Côte d’Azur region special?

The Côte d’Azur region, home to Domaine des Naiades, is renowned for its lovely beaches, french countryside, and proximity to luxurious towns like St Tropez. Eurocamp holidays here combine the allure of the Riviera with the rustic charm of the Provence, offering a diverse range of activities from relaxing at lovely beaches to exploring vibrant towns and pine forests.

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