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25 Disabled Holiday Grants You Can Apply for in the UK in 2024

Everyone deserves a holiday. Thankfully, many UK charities are dedicated to making this happen. 

Today, we’re looking at 25 charities and organisations that provide disabled holiday grants and respite care for UK residents.

We’re looking at all categories, from children’s charities to adult assistance. Scroll down to get started!

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Can Disabled People Get a Holiday Grant?

Hundreds of holiday grants are available to people with disabilities, as you’ll already know if you’ve Googled this! However, searching through each website takes time, especially if seeking grants for a specific disability.  

You should note that your local council may also have the power to provide a holiday grant. This is funding-dependent, and not all councils will have the budget. But it’s always worth a try, and they may provide you with relevant resources.

If you’ve already contacted your council or want assistance from a charity, keep reading. We’ve created this list to help you find the right disabled holiday grants for you. 

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List of UK Disabled Holiday Grants

Start your search today. Here’s a complete list of 25 holiday grants for disabled adults and children.

1. After Umbrage

After Umbrage provides short breaks for those looking after loved ones with a life-limiting condition. They also provide post-bereavement breaks for carers. Contact this team if you’re after a carer-focused grant for holidays.

2. Break

Break provides disability holiday grants for people aged 5 to 18. This covers those with complex needs, life-limiting conditions, and disabilities.

3. The Calvert Trust

The Calvert Trust provides accessible adventure holidays for families based in the Lake District, Kielder, and Exmore. This includes breaks for all disability types and carers. Adventure activities here include canoeing, archery, horse riding, sailing, climbing, and abseiling.

4. Deafblind UK

Deafblind UK provides three caravans at low-cost rates to deafblind members. These holidays are located across North Wales and Norfolk.

5. Dreamflight

Dreamflight is a UK charity that takes children with disabilities and serious illnesses to Orlando, Florida, on holiday. Today, Dreamflight has helped over 6,000 children and strives to bring fun and independence to many more.

grants for disabled adults to go on holiday

6. Destination Florida

Destination Florida is another UK children’s charity that helps children from 7 to 15 visit Florida. This charity focuses on children living with a serious illness or disability in the North of England.

7. Donna’s Dream House

Donna’s Dream House is a Blackpool-based charity that provides free holidays for disabled children and teenagers. They also offer holidays to those with life-threatening illnesses and recently bereaved siblings and families. 

8. Garwood Foundation

The Garwood Foundation provides holiday services and support for both children and adults with disabilities. It has a fully accessible holiday caravan site for hire in Pagham, West Sussex.  

9. Go Beyond

Go Beyond is a UK charity providing disadvantaged children free holiday breaks. However, to get this grant for a holiday, the child must be referred to Go Beyond by a professional. 

10. Holiday Homes Trust

The Holiday Homes Trust offers specially adapted self-catering holidays to the disabled, their families, and their carers for low prices. The charity owns ten caravans in a range of UK locations. Nine of these are 100% accessible with wet rooms and ramp entry. 

holidays for disabled people

11. Heswall Disabled Children’s Holiday Fund

If you’re looking for holiday grants for disabled children, Heswall Disabled Children’s Holiday Fund should be on your list. This team hosts two summer camps annually for children (ages 9 to 15) with physical disabilities.

12. Kidney Care UK

Kidney Care UK provides short holidays and breaks for adults and families affected by kidney disease. 

13. The League of the Helping Hand

The League of the Helping Hand provides holiday grants and one-off payments for carers. This gives them respite from their day-to-day situation.

14. The Newman Trust

The Newman Trust specialises in summer holidays for children with special needs. Children ages 5 to 16 can apply here.

15. The Oliver Curd Trust

The Oliver Curd Trust provides grant holidays for disabled children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. This charity was set up in memory of Oliver Curd.  

disability grants website

16. Over The Wall

Over The Wall is a charity specialising in residential and online adventure camps for children with disabilities and health challenges. It also supports their family members.

17. Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation

Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation provides several disabled adult holiday grants for those who want a break at a specialist centre or nursing home of their choice. 

18. The Respite Association

The Respite Association offers short-term respite care for carers of the elderly, sick, disabled, and terminally ill. Funding varies depending on independent situations but usually amounts to an average of £400. 

19. Revitalise

Revitalise provides respite care for disabled people and carers. This respite care is offered in a holiday setting from one of their three accessible Southampton, Southport, and Essex centres. 

20. Seagull Trust Cruises

If you’re interested in disabled holiday grants in Scotland, explore Seagull Trust Cruises. This national charity also provides free canal cruises for people with special needs and the elderly.

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22. Speyside Trust Badaguish Centre

The Speyside Trust Badaguish Centre offers lodges, pods, and camping with complete accessibility. Short holidays are offered for adults and children with learning disabilities. 

23. Trefoil House

Looking for holidays for children under the age of 18? Trefoil House might be able to help. This organisation offers holidays to young people with disabilities and special needs. 

24. Victoria Convalescent Trust

The Victoria Convalescent Trust provides short breaks and funds for carers in Wales and England. You must apply via an advice service or with suitable qualifications to qualify for these holiday grants.

25. The 3H Foundation

The 3H Foundation provides modest grants for holidays for those with disabilities or disabled family members. Carers can also apply for a respite carer grant as needed.

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Final Thoughts

We hope these charities and disabled holiday grants help you and your loved ones make new memories together.

Did we miss any organisations or resources? Let us know. 

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