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all-inclusive Holidays

Are All-inclusive Holidays worth the money in 2024?

It’s that time of year when we start to plan for summer getaways. Of course, that doesn’t mean that all-inclusive holidays are restricted to the summer, but it’s a great time to travel as a family so that you can include the kids.

When looking to book your time away, there are options other than just all-inclusive resorts. It’s worth taking the time to look at just what an all-inclusive holiday includes, and if it offers you the best value for money.

We’re going to take a look at what all-inclusive holidays are all about. We’re going to explore just what you can expect, and what the pros and cons are. Is an all-inclusive holiday right for you? Hopefully, we can help you to decide.

What other options are there other than all-inclusive holidays?

Before you commit to looking for cheap all-inclusive holidays it’s worth taking a moment to consider all of the options that you have. No matter what part of the word you’re heading to, you’ll usually have more than just one choice. Typically, you can opt for:

Self-catering – this is when the cost of your holiday just covers the accommodation. No meals are included, but you are provided with facilities that allow you to cook

Bed and breakfast – as the name suggests, you get your bed in your hotel room and breakfast is also included in the price

Half board – as well as your accommodation, the price of your holiday also includes your breakfast and evening meal

Full board – the same as half board except that you also get your lunch included

All-inclusive – if you’re interested in all-inclusive holidays, this is where you get the most things included in the price. Exactly what’s on offer will vary between all-inclusive resorts but they tend to include everything such as your flight, accommodation, food and drink and entertainment

Why do people seek out all-inclusive holidays?

The attraction of an all-inclusive holiday is the fact that everything is included in the price. This makes it much easier to budget for your holiday without worrying about how much extra money you may need for food and drink.

As well as having your accommodation and meals taken care of, all-inclusive holidays also include transfers from the airport as well as the use of a host of facilities at the resort. This means that as well as saving money, booking in at all-inclusive resorts can also do away with much of the stresses that are common with overseas holidays.

Who are all-inclusive holidays good for?

With the increase in the number of cheap all-inclusive holidays, this type of break can now be enjoyed by more people than ever before. They also cover the most popular destinations that Brits like to head to.  Certainly, when you start to look and plan for all-inclusive holidays 2023, you’ll find that they cater for a broad range of people. These include:


All-inclusive resorts offer the perfect place for a family holiday. It doesn’t matter if you have young children or teenagers, an all-inclusive holiday will have plenty for everyone to enjoy. There are plenty of activities for everyone to get involved with as well as first-class entertainment that’s suitable for all ages.

All-inclusive resorts tend to have a big family focus. They will offer as much as they can to keep families entertained. This means that you’ll usually find the likes of waterparks and tennis courts too.

Group holidays:

The rise of cheap all-inclusive holidays has also made them a great option for groups of friends who are looking to travel together. Of course, this applies to large family gatherings too. By going all-inclusive, every member of the group knows what’s included and so everyone is able to budget.

When you have large groups of people, it’s common for there to be different dietary needs. The good news is that all-inclusive resorts feature top-quality restaurants that cater for a range of these. There may be set meals, but buffet options are also popular. Typically, the resort will be able to cater for everyone sitting together so you don’t have to split up your group.

Those heading overseas for the first time:

To be honest, a first overseas holiday can be a little daunting. As well as arranging flights and accommodation, you need to think about airport transfers and where your meals are coming from. This can cause a great deal of stress and ruin what should be a great experience. An all-inclusive holiday does away with all of this.

With an all-inclusive, everything is taken care of. Your transfer, your food and drink, pretty much everything. You’ll also find English-speaking reps at the resort so, if you do have questions, there’s always somebody there to assist.

Are all-inclusive holidays always the best option?

As you start eyeing up all-inclusive holidays 2023, it may be worth pausing for a moment. While there are a whole host of advantages, there are also things to be aware of too. To help you decide if an all-inclusive holiday is right for you, let’s take a look at the pros and cons:


Great entertainment – when you book an all-inclusive holiday, you’re practically guaranteed some of the best entertainment that there is. There are a host of activities, facilities and shows to enjoy and all of this is perfect for those who like to stay in the resort rather than explore their surroundings. There’s also plenty to keep the children entertained too so there’s never any risk of having bored kids on your hands

Budgeting made easy – with all-inclusive holidays, you’re paying for everything upfront. You know that your flight, transfers, accommodation and meals are all taken care of, without the need to spend another penny. If you’re on a tight budget, an all-inclusive can be a great way of stopping you from overspending while still having an amazing holiday experience

Food choices – all-inclusive resorts feature great restaurants. This means that they can cater for everyone, even the fussiest of children. In the worst case, if someone tries something that they don’t like they can simply get something else. With meals included in the price, this won’t cost you any extra

Security – everyone at an all-inclusive is issued a wristband. That means that you know who should be there, and who shouldn’t. The wristbands are also coloured meaning that teenagers and children are different to adults. This may disappoint your teenagers, as it means that they have no chance of getting served an alcoholic drink while your back is turned!


The local economy – there are certain countries that rely on tourism to boost their economy. When you opt for an all-inclusive holiday, your money tends to be going directly to the hotel chain and tour operator. Yes, you may be supporting local jobs with those who work within the resort, but the likes of restaurants, bars and shops all suffer

What’s not included – all-inclusive holidays include everything, right? Well, not always. There could be restrictions attached to your holiday. It could be that you have to pay extra for certain meals that contain different meats, there may be charges to enter the hotel’s nightclub and there may be limits on the number of alcoholic drinks that you can have. Be sure exactly what’s included so that you can budget properly

Little choice with flights – there are times when you can save a great deal of money by doing your research and finding cheap flights. Generally, you can’t do this with an all-inclusive holiday. That’s because the hotel has usually partnered with one of the many airlines and the day and time of the flight will be dictated by them

Overeating – okay, so we all may overindulge a little when we’re on holiday. After all, it’s part of kicking back and enjoying ourselves. However, with all-inclusive holidays, there’s more of a risk of things going a little too far. People are keen to get their money’s worth and will eat far more than they usually would

Missing the sights and sounds – if you’re someone who likes a holiday where you can get to know the country and get in touch with the culture, an all-inclusive option may not be the right one for you. You’re paying for the facilities at the resort and this sort of ties you there. Yes, sometimes all-inclusive holidays will offer excursions but they rarely allow you the time to explore freely

Wristbands – your wristband is like your key. It unlocks the free food, drinks and entry to all that’s going on. Lose it, or damage it, and you could find yourself struggling. Trying to get a child to maintain their wristband for a week or more can be challenging, to say the least

So, are all-inclusive holidays really worth it?

The answer here is “It depends”. Even though there are now more cheap all-inclusive holidays, these still cost a fair amount of money. Whether or not it’s worth the cost very much depends on what you’re wanting to get out of a holiday.

There’s no denying that the convenience offered by all-inclusive resorts is appealing. It’s great to be able to pay upfront and, in most cases, not need to pay anything else. It makes it easier than shopping around and looking at individual prices for accommodation, flights and transfers, and it saves you worrying about finding the best places to eat.

That being said, an all-inclusive holiday isn’t for everyone. Maybe you’re not a fan of alcohol. If you don’t take advantage of the alcoholic drinks that are included, you’re missing out on some of the value. Likewise, if you want to explore the local area, you’ll miss out on some of the perks that you’ve paid for as part of your package.

Could a half-board holiday be better?

With a half board, you’ve got your accommodation as well as your breakfast and evening meal. The great thing about this option is that it gives you a degree of freedom. You can venture where you want to throughout the day and, for lunch, you can explore some of the local cuisine. Of course, there will be set times to be back for the evening meal, but you still get the chance to wander.

The watch out with a half-board holiday is that you shouldn’t assume that it will always be cheaper than an all-inclusive. Yes, when it comes to actually paying for your holiday, typically there will be less leaving your bank account. However, depending on the type of holiday that you want, you could soon find this option costing you even more than an all-inclusive holiday. You need to take the time t budget and work out which option offers you the best value for money.

How do I know if an all-inclusive holiday is right for me?

Whether or not you should be exploring all-inclusive holidays 2023 is all down to personal preference. You need to bear in mind just how much you’re going to be paying and you need to ensure that it represents real value for your holiday expectations.

Yes, there are more cheap all-inclusive holidays these days, but to represent real value you need to be sure that you’re making the most out of what’s included. This means the meals, the drinks and getting the best out of the facilities and entertainment.

Final thoughts on all-inclusive holidays

No matter what type of holiday you decide on, the main aim is to have fun and create some life-long memories.  That could be achieved by an all-inclusive holiday where you spend your time in the resort and you make the most of what’s on offer. Likewise, it could also be achieved by going half-board and having the freedom to get out there and embrace the culture.

If you decide to check out all-inclusive resorts, you have the added bonus of peace of mind, knowing that everything has been planned and is taken care of.

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