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Guide to P&O Iona Cabins: Knowing Which Ones to Avoid

Embarking on a cruise journey aboard the P&O Iona can be thrilling, but cabin selection is a crucial element that can impact your overall experience.

P&O Cruises offer diverse cabin experiences, and this guide will shine a light on P&O Iona cabins you might want to avoid.

We’ll focus primarily on Decks 5 and 8.

Deck 5: The Standard Balcony Cabins Dilemma

Deck 5 on P&O Iona presents you with Standard Balcony cabins which, although cosy, differ from the usual balcony cabins found on other parts of the ship. Dubbed “sheltered balconies”, these cabins nestle within Iona’s metallic shell, often rendering the cabin interiors darker and the balconies themselves somewhat gloomier.

These compact balconies can just about accommodate a deck chair, and instead of the expected sliding door, a heavy door opens outwardly. Situated near the waterline, they may also be affected by bad weather conditions, with the crew having to close storm doors to restrict balcony access.

However, these P&O Iona cabins aren’t entirely devoid of charm. If the idea of being close to the water, basking in the sights and sounds of the ocean thrills you, these cabins may just be the thing.

P&O Iona cabins to avoid

Deck 8: The Promenade Deck

Moving to Deck 8, you might want to think twice before choosing a cabin here. This deck accommodates some smaller Standard and Deluxe balcony cabins, as well as some Conservatory Mini-suites. While these P&O Iona cabins come with the same amenities, their unique location presents a different experience.

These cabins provide direct access to the promenade deck, separated only by a glass barrier. Due to this design, people walking on the deck can look inside your cabin (which is a big issue if you want privacy inside your cabin).

Cabin numbers 8309-8312 and 8322-8330 deserve special mention as they either have seating arrangements right outside them or are blocked by three infinity whirlpools. This might lead to potential noise disturbances and further hindered views.

Another point worth noting is that if you’re a fan of leaving your balcony doors ajar to let in the ocean sounds, you may inadvertently provide access from the deck.

However, these cabins do have their perks. Their strategic location provides easy access to public areas like bars and restaurants. Some cabins, particularly those at the narrowest points, feature extra-large terraces, making them a great pick for families.

General Tips on P&O Iona Cabins to Avoid

In terms of general advice, if you value privacy, it would be wise to avoid cabins situated directly under the bridge as they may be overlooked. For those seeking peace and tranquillity, cabins directly beneath the pool deck or Horizon restaurant, or those located above the nightclub or theatre, might not be the best choices due to possible noise disturbances.

In the end, the selection of P&O Iona cabins to avoid comes down to personal preference and what you value most in your cruising experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about P&O Iona Cabins

In this section we answer some frequently asked questions about P&O Iona Cabins.

What are some P&O Iona cabins to avoid?

While personal preferences play a significant role, some cabins on the P&O Iona might offer less desirable features. For instance, cabins on Deck 5 have balconies that are compact and shaded due to their location within the ship’s hull. On Deck 8, some cabins may have limited privacy and obstructed views because they back onto the promenade deck.

What are the potential issues with Deck 5 cabins on P&O Iona?

Deck 5 cabins on the P&O Iona, known as Standard Balcony cabins, are embedded within the ship’s hull. This makes the cabin interiors darker and the balconies shadier. These cabins are also close to the waterline, meaning that during rough weather, storm doors may need to be closed, limiting balcony access.

Are there any concerns with Deck 8 cabins on P&O Iona?

Deck 8 cabins on the P&O Iona have unique locations, as they open onto the promenade deck. This can lead to limited privacy and obstructed sea views. Specific cabins (8309-8312 and 8322-8330) are either obstructed by seating areas or infinity whirlpools, which can lead to potential noise disturbances and further hindered views.

What are the general considerations when choosing a P&O Iona cabin?

When choosing a P&O Iona cabin, consider your personal preferences and needs. If you value privacy, avoid cabins directly under the bridge. If peace and tranquillity are important, steer clear of cabins under the pool deck or Horizon restaurant, or those above the nightclub or theatre, due to potential noise disturbances.

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