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Morocco Weather

Your Month-by-Month Morocco Weather Guide for 2024

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in the awe-inspiring land of Morocco! From ancient cities and beautiful coastal resorts to lively metropolises, this exotic gem has it all.

And the best part? Morocco’s weather is absolutely fantastic throughout the year, making it the perfect destination for thrill-seekers, luxury-lovers, and culture enthusiasts alike.

Let’s dive into the wonderful world of Moroccan weather!

Morocco Weather Month by Month Guide


Average temperature: High 19°C | Low 6°C

Average total rainfall: 31mm

January is the coldest month in Morocco, but with temperatures nearing 20°C, it’s still significantly warmer than many European destinations. Evenings can be chilly, so pack a jacket or a cosy sweater. With seven hours of sunshine and moderate UV levels, January is ideal for those who prefer cooler temperatures to explore.


Average temperature: High 21°C | Low 8°C

Average total rainfall: 23mm

Winter in Morocco is pleasant, with comfortable temperatures making it a perfect getaway for some winter sun. Coastal resort Agadir enjoys an average water temperature of 17°C. With humidity and sunshine hours similar to January, a light jacket is still recommended for the cooler evenings.


Average temperature: High 24°C | Low 11°C

Average total rainfall: 31mm

March brings rising temperatures and the arrival of spring. The climate is idyllic for those who don’t like it too hot, with the Canary Island Current cooling the coastal regions. UV levels increase in March, so be sure to pack sun protection.


Average temperature: High 25°C | Low 13°C

Average total rainfall: 31mm

April sees temperatures in the mid-20s, with the weather getting hotter and drier as spring transitions to summer. It’s warm enough to relax on Agadir’s beach or take a romantic stroll along the shore, with the sea around 18°C.


Average temperature: High 29°C | Low 15°C

Average total rainfall: 11mm

In May, temperatures soar, especially in Marrakech. It’s one of the most ideal months to visit, with lower rainfall, comfortable heat, and fewer crowds. Whether you prefer the coastal breeze of Agadir or the vibrant culture of Marrakech, May offers something for everyone.


Average temperature: High 34°C | Low 19°C

Average total rainfall: 4mm

Summer arrives in Morocco in June, with inland Marrakech heating up to extreme highs of 34°C. Coastal Agadir is slightly cooler at 28°C. Enjoy 10 hours of daily sunshine and warm, inviting sea temperatures of 20ºC.


Average temperature: High 38°C | Low 21°C

Average total rainfall: 11mm

July brings heat, sun, and more heat! In Marrakech, temperatures reach a sweltering 38°C, while Agadir offers slightly cooler temperatures of around 30°C thanks to its coastal location. With 11 hours of sunshine daily, remember to pack plenty of sun protection.


Average temperature: High 38°C | Low 21°C

Average total rainfall: 2mm

August is the hottest month in Morocco, with high temperatures across the country. Marrakech can be quite humid during the day, while Agadir benefits from a gentle coastal breeze. The chance of rain is minimal, with only 2mm predicted for the entire month.


Average temperature: High 32°C | Low 19°C

Average total rainfall: 13mm

Temperatures in Morocco start to cool down in September, but it’s still hot with highs of 32°C. Expect nine hours of sunshine and minimal rainfall. Coastal regions like Agadir have slightly lower temperatures, averaging 29°C.


Average temperature: High 28°C | Low 16°C

Average total rainfall: 22mm

October is a delightful time to visit Morocco, as the weather begins to cool down but remains warm enough for beach days and outdoor adventures. Coastal areas like Agadir boast highs of 28°C, while inland Marrakech enjoys a Mediterranean climate with temperatures around 28°C. The days are still sunny, with around 8 hours of daily sunshine.


Average temperature: High 23°C | Low 12°C

Average total rainfall: 38mm

November ushers in cooler temperatures and increased rainfall, making it a suitable time for visitors looking to avoid the scorching summer heat. With highs of 23°C in both Agadir and Marrakech, you’ll still enjoy mild weather perfect for sightseeing and exploring. Rainfall increases slightly, but it’s still manageable.


Average temperature: High 20°C | Low 8°C

Average total rainfall: 33mm

December in Morocco brings cooler temperatures, averaging 20°C during the day and dropping to 8°C at night. You’ll still get plenty of sunshine with about 7 hours of daily sunlight, but pack a sweater or jacket for evenings. Rainfall is moderate, so be prepared for some wet days.


Morocco’s distinct climate zones and seasonal variations offer an unparalleled experience for travellers.

Whether you’re a beach lover looking for the perfect coastal escape in Agadir, a culture enthusiast exploring the rich heritage of Marrakech, or an adventurer seeking the thrill of the Sahara Desert, the weather in Morocco plays a crucial role in shaping your unforgettable journey.

So, pack your bags, and don’t forget to consider the weather in Morocco for your upcoming adventure. From the cooler months of February and March to the scorching heat of August, Morocco promises a unique and memorable experience for every traveller.

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