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joyland great yarmouth

Your Ultimate Guide to Joyland Great Yarmouth for 2024

Perched on the seafront and brimming with traditional charm, Joyland Great Yarmouth is a magical realm waiting to be discovered. .

A beloved attraction since 1949, it’s truly a jewel among Great Yarmouth Attractions.

If you’re wondering about the most fun things to do in Great Yarmouth, Joyland has to be on your list!

Joyland Tokens (2024 Prices)

Joyland operates on a token system. Each ride requires just 1 token (£2), making it an affordable and fun-filled option for families.

Even better, you can save money by buying tokens in bags, a perfect choice for those planning to ride all the rides in the park.

joyland great yarmouth
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The Classic Rides at Joyland

Joyland is full of classic rides (which have been loved for generations) inside the park you will find…

The Snails:

This iconic ride has been part of Joyland since it opened its doors in 1949 and is steeped in nostalgia and charm, making it a must-try ride.

The Tyrolean Tub Twist:

A spinning ride that is both exhilarating and fun, the Tyrolean Tub Twist is a visitor favourite. The feeling of being spun around at speed is both thrilling and invigorating, making it a must-try!

The Spook Express Kiddie Coaster:

Board the Spook Express Kiddie Coaster and embark on a spooky adventure! This family-friendly rollercoaster weaves you through a unique, spooky landscape that both kids and adults will love.

Pirate Ship:

This Pirate Ship is designed especially for the little adventurers. This gentle ride will make kids feel like they are sailing on the high seas, experiencing a day in the life of a pirate!

The Jet Cars:

For the little ones who love the thrill of speed, the Jet Cars ride is perfect. Safe and fun, kids will get a kick out of zipping around in their own mini jet car.

joyland great yarmouth
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Even More Fun at Joyland!

Joyland is not limited to these rides alone. The park offers various other rides to keep the fun going. Each one is unique, ensuring every moment spent in Joyland is filled with joy and excitement.

From the Balloon Race to the Neptunes Kingdom, Joyland is all about bringing smiles to faces and creating memories that last a lifetime.

Ready for Your Visit?

Before setting off for your Joyland trip, don’t forget to check the Great Yarmouth weather. Since Joyland is an outdoor park, the weather can play a big part in your experience. A sunny day always adds to the magic of the amusement park!

With its irresistible charm, fun-filled rides, and enchanting atmosphere, Joyland Great Yarmouth is a magical adventure waiting for every visitor.

Joyland Great Yarmouth
*Images are subject to copyright. if you wish to use any of our images you must credit

Frequently Asked Questions About Joyland Great Yarmouth

Planning your visit to Joyland can bring up some queries. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about this popular Great Yarmouth attraction to assist you in planning your day.

What Time Does Joyland Great Yarmouth Open?

Joyland Great Yarmouth opens its doors to visitors at 11 am every day. Ensure you get there early to enjoy all the rides and attractions.

How Much Does It Cost to Ride at Joyland?

At Joyland, each ride costs 1 token (£2). However, you can save money by purchasing bags of tokens, especially useful if you’re planning to try out several rides or are visiting in a group.

What Rides are There at Joyland?

Joyland offers a range of rides suitable for all ages. Some of the popular ones include the Tyrolean Tub Twist, the Spook Express Kiddie Coaster, Pirate Ship, Jet Cars, and the iconic Snails and Fairy Tales ride.

What are the Best Things to Do in Great Yarmouth Near Joyland?

Joyland is conveniently located near other Great Yarmouth Attractions such as the SEA LIFE Centre, the Pleasure Beach, the Britannia Pier and the famous Hippodrome Circus. You can also explore the beach and enjoy the local food at nearby restaurants.

How Do I Check the Great Yarmouth Weather Before Visiting Joyland?

The weather in Great Yarmouth can influence your visit to Joyland since it’s an outdoor park. You can check the weather forecast on various online platforms or local news before your visit.

What Age Group is Joyland Suitable for?

Joyland is a family-friendly amusement park primarily designed with younger children in mind. It provides a selection of rides and attractions that are safe, entertaining, and just the right level of exciting for little ones.

So, while it’s a great day out for the whole family, it’s the youngest members who will truly get the most from a visit to Joyland Great Yarmouth.

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