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Ultimate Guide to the Inside Cabins on P&O Iona for 2024

Embarking on a journey with P&O Cruises? Looking for a budget-friendly yet cosy accommodation option?

Let’s dive deep into the features, comforts, and amenities of the Iona inside cabins on the P&O Iona.

The Location of Inside Cabins on P&O Iona:

The P&O Iona deck plan reveals that the inside cabins are scattered across all passenger decks, with larger cabins available on decks 4,5,9,11, and 14.

This means you can select a cabin that suits your preferences, whether you desire proximity to the ship’s entertainment venues or a quieter location away from the crowd.

For example, cabin 9504, positioned midship on deck 9, is a popular pick. Tucked behind the lifts, it promises a tranquil escape from the lively ship activities, and it’s conveniently located near the heart of the ship, just a short stroll or lift ride away from the main facilities.

Iona Inside Cabin Layout and Design:

The Iona inside cabin layout stands out with its unique square-shaped design. At first glance, the queen-sized bed might seem to dominate the space, but the thoughtful layout ensures plenty of room for movement and storage.

Upon entering the cabin, you’ll find a spacious wardrobe to your left, equipped with ample hangers and a full-length mirror. To your right, there are four coat hooks for additional hanging space. Take note, though, if you’re planning on bringing long dresses, you might need to utilise the hooks or bring your own as the wardrobe may not accommodate them.

Either side of the bed features a small bedside table and a storage cupboard, perfect for keeping your essentials close at hand. There are also built-in lamps with USB ports, a thoughtful touch for keeping your devices charged.

The cabin offers substantial storage options with a six-shelf cupboard and a safe that’s large enough for your laptop or tablet. A comfy sofa at the end of the bed and a unit equipped with a fridge, tea, and coffee-making facilities, and additional storage shelves further enhance the homey feel of the cabin.

A large TV is mounted on the wall, which can be adjusted depending on whether you’re lounging on the bed or the sofa. The absence of a desk or dressing table might be a minor inconvenience for some, but it does contribute to the overall spacious feel of the cabin.

The bathroom, while compact, is designed with a bright and welcoming aesthetic. It offers plenty of storage space for toiletries and makeup, with three shelves next to the mirror and additional space under the sink. The shower, though compact, offers solid water pressure and quick heating, creating an invigorating shower experience.

What’s Included in Iona’s Inside Cabins?

The Iona inside cabins are equipped with an impressive array of amenities for your comfort and convenience:

Amenity Description
Air Conditioning Ensures a comfortable cabin temperature
Complimentary Toiletries Provided by The White Company for a touch of indulgence
Fridge Available to keep your drinks and snacks fresh
Hairdryer Included for all your styling needs
Safe Large enough to hold a laptop up to 17″
TV Included for your in-cabin entertainment
Tea & Coffee Making Facilities Complete with biscuits for a perfect afternoon treat

Is an Inside Cabin on Iona Right for You?

When you opt for an inside cabin on Iona, you’re choosing a cost-effective, cosy, and comfortable accommodation. These cabins, with their smart layouts and array of amenities, offer a wonderful living space for your cruise adventure.

While they might lack certain features like a desk or a dressing table, and the wardrobes may not accommodate long dresses, these minor drawbacks are more than compensated for by the overall comfort and convenience they provide.

Each cabin is designed to maximise space and functionality. The beds are comfortable, the storage is ample, and the bathroom, though compact, is well-equipped and functional. The added amenities such as a TV, a fridge, and tea & coffee making facilities, add a touch of luxury to your stay.

Furthermore, the strategic locations of these cabins across various decks allow you to choose a cabin that suits your needs, whether you prefer being closer to the ship’s amenities or tucked away for more privacy.

Insider Tip – If you have a P&O Drinks Package the fridge inside your cabin is great for storing canned and bottled drinks that are included with your package.


With an innovative design that maximises space and a selection of amenities carefully curated to enhance your onboard experience, the Iona inside cabin is more than just a place to sleep. It’s a retreat where you can unwind after a day of exploration, a personal oasis that caters to your needs.

The thoughtful layout, ample storage, queen-sized bed, modern bathroom, and well-equipped entertainment system combine to create a cabin that feels like a second home.

Even without a window or balcony, the inside cabins deliver a pleasant, relaxing environment that perfectly complements the exhilarating adventure that awaits you on the Iona’s decks and at its various ports of call.

So whether you’re a solo traveller looking for a cosy corner, a couple seeking a romantic getaway, or friends on a budget-friendly adventure, the P&O Iona cabins offer everything you need for a memorable journey.

Frequently Asked Questions about P&O Iona’s Inside Cabins

In this section we answer frequently asked questions about the inside cabins on P&O Iona.

Do P&O Iona Cabins have Fridges?

Yes, all P&O Iona cabins, including inside cabins, come equipped with a fridge. This feature allows you to keep your snacks and beverages fresh and cool throughout your voyage.

What Amenities are Included in P&O Iona Inside Cabins?

Each Iona inside cabin is outfitted with a variety of amenities designed to enhance your comfort and convenience. These include air conditioning, complimentary toiletries by The White Company, a hairdryer, a safe large enough for a 17″ laptop, a TV, and tea & coffee making facilities.

Do P&O Iona Cabins have Kettles?

Absolutely! As a British cruise line, P&O includes kettles in all its cabins, allowing you to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee whenever you wish. They also provide large mugs, tea bags, coffee sachets, and milk.

Do I Need to Bring Towels on a P&O Cruise?

No, there’s no need to pack towels when cruising with P&O Cruises. Each cabin, including the inside cabin Iona, is supplied with an adequate number of towels for all occupants. For pool use, towels are available at the towel station.

Are Ironing Facilities Available in P&O Cabins?

While cabins do not include irons due to safety regulations, P&O provides laundry rooms equipped with ironing boards and irons, free of charge for passengers’ use.

What Toiletries are Provided on P&O Cruises?

In all P&O Iona cabins, including inside cabins, passengers will find The White Company toiletries. These include liquid soap, body wash, and shampoo, adding a luxurious touch to your personal care routine during the cruise.

Is Drinking Water Free on P&O Cruises?

Upon arrival, each passenger in the cabin will receive a complimentary can of water. Additionally, free water is available from the buffet, and there are water stations situated around the ship where you can refill your water bottle.

Are P&O Iona Inside Cabins Spacious?

Iona inside cabins may not be as spacious as balcony or suite cabins, but they are cleverly designed to maximise space and comfort. The square-shaped layout, as opposed to the traditional rectangular one, contributes to a feeling of spaciousness. The cabins come with a queen-sized bed, ample storage options, and a compact yet functional bathroom.

Where are Inside Cabins Located on the P&O Iona Deck Plan?

Inside cabins can be found on all passenger decks of the Iona, with larger cabins available on decks 4,5,9,11, and 14. Their locations range from quiet corners behind the lifts to more central spots near the ship’s facilities.

What is the Size of P&O Iona’s Inside Cabin?

The standard inside cabins on Iona are approximately 101 square feet in size. This makes them compact but well-designed to utilise the space effectively for your comfort and convenience.

Are There USB Ports in the Inside Cabins on Iona?

Yes, USB ports are built into the bedside lamps on either side of the bed in the Iona inside cabin. These ports allow you to conveniently charge your devices right beside your bed.

Are Hairdryers Provided in the Inside Cabins on P&O Iona?

Yes, each inside cabin Iona comes equipped with a hairdryer for your personal grooming needs.

Are the Inside Cabins on Iona Quiet?

The inside cabins on Iona are designed to offer a quiet, peaceful atmosphere for passengers. Despite their various locations across the ship, many guests have reported minimal noise disturbance.

Are the Beds Comfortable in the Inside Cabins on Iona?

P&O Iona reviews frequently praise the comfort of the beds in the inside cabins. The queen-sized beds, which can often be separated into two single beds, are designed for a restful night’s sleep.

Do Inside Cabins on Iona Get Dark Enough to Sleep Well?

Yes, since inside cabins do not have windows, they can be completely dark when the lights are turned off. This can be beneficial for those who prefer a dark environment for sleeping.

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