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How to Score the Best Savings on Haven Holidays in 2024

Haven holidays UK are some of the most popular in the country. Every year, millions of families choose Haven holiday parks for their week or two of fun.

With activities to keep all ages occupied and entertained, it’s fair to say that what’s on offer is perfect for a family getaway. What’s not so perfect though is that it can leave a serious dent in your wallet. Yes, the price still represents value for money, but what if you could get a Haven discount and save?

We’re going to be looking at Haven holidays 2024, and how you can have fun, for less. If there is a Haven discount code out there, you can be sure that we’ve got it covered.

Read on before you book your next getaway or you’ll find yourself paying more than you have to!

Health Service Discounts:

If you work for the NHS and you’re looking for a Haven discount code, you’ll find one over at Health Service Discounts. This provide used to be known as NHS discounts and, as the previous name suggests, it comes with a host of offers and discounts for those who work in the NHS. The good news, as far as we’re concerned, is that Haven holidays UK are covered, as well as an impressive selection of other holiday providers.

So, what does this Haven discount look like? Well, by signing up with Heath Service Discounts, you can save yourself 15% on Haven holidays 2024. When you look at e full price of a Haven holiday, this means that you can easily save yourself a minimum of £100. The only watch out here is that there are restrictions with the dates that you can book. Just check the terms and conditions to be sure that your dates qualify and you can take advantage of this offer.

Save on Haven holidays 2024 by avoiding Saturday arrivals:

While the last Haven discount was restricted to those working in the NHS, this one is open to everyone. It’s easy to take advantage of too. You simply need to make sure that you’re not arriving, or departing on a Saturday. Why? Well, Saturdays are on the busy side for many holiday parks Most people want a Saturday to Saturday break and Haven, just like other resorts, will charge you for the privilege.

If you’re wondering how much you can save by doing this, we’ve checked it out so we can let you know. If you wanted to book a week in Dorset during August 2024, you’d pay £941 if you arrived on a Saturday. Change this to a Friday, and the price drops to £804. That’s a saving of £137. You’re still getting 7 nights and the same great holiday, you’re just not arriving on a Saturday.

Blue Light Card Haven discount:

This is another Haven discount that depends on what you do for a living. The good news with a Blue Light Card Haven discount is that the list of who can take advantage of this deal is perhaps longer than you’d expect. As the name suggests, the likes of police, fire and ambulance are covered, but also included are:

  • Armed forces
  • Visa and Immigration
  • Border Force
  • Cave Rescue
  • Many more

The best way to find out if you can take advantage of the Blue Light Card Haven discount is to head over to the website and see if you’re job is covered. If it is, a card will cost you £4.99 and will unlock a whole host of discounts and offers. Yes, you can save on Haven holidays 2024, but there are plenty of other savings to enjoy too.

haven holidays uk

Enjoy Haven holidays UK up North:

If you want a sizeable Haven discount, you can achieve this by looking at just where you take your break. The truth is that by travelling to the north of England, and even up into Scotland, the prices seem to be significantly cheaper than what is charged in the south of the country. You can find Haven holidays that come with the same facilities and activities but save a bundle just by carefully selecting your location.

As you’d expect, there are exceptions to this but generally Haven holidays are cheaper the further north you go. The three cheapest parks are:

  • Seton Sands in Scotland
  • Thornwick Bay in Yorkshire
  • Lakeland Leisure Park in the Lake District

You’ll find the most expensive ones in the south such as Devon Cliffs, Devon, and Perran Sands in Cornwall.

Save on Haven holidays 2024 by sharing a caravan:

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that you go and cosy up with a bunch of strangers! However, if you’re looking at a holiday with other family members or even friends, it might make sense to book just one caravan. Let’s say that you have two groups with four people in each. You’d probably automatically opt for two caravans that are both four-berth. If you’re prepared to cosy up though, a single eight berth could see you save a bundle.

Let’s say you’re looking to book a week in August staying with Haven in Dorset. To secure two 4-berth Saver caravans, you’d be paying £1,608. The same week with an eight-berth Bronze caravan (a grade up) would only cost £1,124. The first option would cost each group £804. The second option saves £242 by only costing £562.

Book your Haven holidays UK early:

It can be tempting to leave your search for Haven holidays 2024 until the last minute. People assume that they can snap up bargains by booking as close to the date as possible as the holiday parks are keen to sell out. The problem with this plan is that Haven is more than just a little popular and it has no problem with filling up during the holidays. In fact, the cheaper accommodation is booked and sold out way in advance.

If you want to take advantage of the best deals, you need to be booking early. Haven even offers a price promise for 2024 saying that if prices happen to drop for any reason after you’ve booked, you’ll get the difference back. That means you really have nothing to lose.

Check out the website for a Haven discount:

While you may find offers elsewhere, the best Haven discount is offered by the company itself. All that you need to do is make sure that you’re checking out the website on a regular basis. Certainly, before you go ahead and book, you should be checking out the offers page.

You won’t come across a Haven discount code as such. What you will find are offers that relate to certain dates. If you’re prepared to holiday on these dates, you can, at times, save as much as 50% off regular prices. A half-price holiday is truly an amazing deal and well worth looking out for.

haven holidays uk

Haven holidays UK with a tent or tourer:

Typically, you’ll be looking at Haven holidays and considering the grade of caravan that you want. These caravans have various levels of luxury and they offer a real home from home. However, if you want a Haven discount, it’s worth exploring another approach to your holiday plans.

Almost half of the Haven parks in the UK allow you to pitch a tent or take your own touring caravan. This option is significantly cheaper than booking a Haven caravan, but you still get to enjoy an amazing holiday. That’s because you still get access to all of the facilities and activities that other holidaymakers do. It’s just that you get to enjoy them for less.

Consider Haven Hideaway holidays:

A Haven Hideaway holiday is cheaper than a standard break, but there are trade-offs to be aware of. If you opt for a Hideaway, you’ll just be getting your accommodation. That means that there’s no access to the swimming pool or any of the other activities. If these are things that don’t interest you, then you may as well snap up a cheaper holiday. However, if you’re then going to have to travel and pay for activities elsewhere, this could end up costing you even more.

Yes, a Haven Hideaway is a discounted Haven holiday, but whether or not it’s worth it will depend on the kind of holiday that you want. If you’re looking for a base and then exploring free activities that are nearby, you can take advantage of much lower prices. If, however, you want the true Haven experience, you could be missing out.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways that you can bag a Haven discount. The truth is that, even at full price, Haven holidays represent great value for money and a discount is just a nice bonus. Be sure that you’re booking with Haven directly as this is how you’ll get the best prices and you will then be covered by the price promise too. Saving money can make your holiday that little bit more enjoyable.

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