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How to find Cheap Flights using a VPN

When it comes to booking a holiday, there are times when the cost of a flight has a huge impact. By finding cheap flights, you can suddenly visit locations that would otherwise be out of reach. While there are plenty of comparison sites where you can book cheap flights, the thing is that even these don’t give you the best deals available. So, how do you find cheap flights that beat the deals that you usually find? The answer lies overseas.

When looking at how to find cheap flights, it’s worth knowing that it’s not just about UK prices. Airline operators are in a variety of countries and this can, at times, have an impact on the price. The problem that you’re likely to come across is that certain deals are restricted to residents of certain countries. We’re going to be looking at how to get cheap flights based on the rates you can get elsewhere, all thanks to a virtual private network (VPN). Read on to learn more.

When looking for cheap flights, what causes different prices?

When looking to book cheap flights, there are a host of factors that come into play and affect the price. Just some of the things to consider are:

The popularity of your chosen destination – as with most things, the greater the demand the higher the price. If you’re looking to travel to a highly popular destination, you can be sure that you’ll end up paying more

How rich the country is – if you live in a wealthier country, unfortunately, the assumption is that you can afford more for your tickets. This means that cheap flights may be harder to come across

The date of your flight – trying to book cheap flights on the likes of bank holidays will be almost impossible

Where the airline is based – when looking at how to get cheap flights, airlines often have cheaper rates in their home countries

How does an airline know your location when trying to book cheap flights?

When considering how to find cheap flights, usually how you can book, and where you can book, is based on your location (hopefully you can see how a VPN comes into play – more on that soon). When you try to secure cheap flights, the prices you see are based on where you are So, how do companies know your location? Well, there are several ways:

Your IP address:

Websites know your location as you have a unique IP address. This IP address stores your location information and websites can read this That’s why when you try and log on to certain websites, you may see messages such as “This site is unavailable in your country”.

As well as showing websites your location, your IP address also collects information about the actions that you take online.


Whenever you visit a website, you’ll usually be greeted with a message asking you to accept the cookie settings. These cookies store personalised information for the website that you’re visiting. This includes the date and time that you visited the site, as well as your IP address.

Cookies may be seen as a little intrusive, but they also add to the user experience. They mean that your served content that fits your browsing habits. If you’re often looking at how to find cheap flights, you’ll start being shown content that helps.

Mobile GPS:

If you’re using a mobile phone and looking to book a cheap flight, GPS shows your location to internet providers. This means that you’ll be shown content that’s relevant to where you are.

Browser HTML geolocation:

Regardless of the internet browser that you use, you’ll generally find that they include an HTML5 geolocation feature. The power of this means that your location can be identified right down to the street that you’re on.


When you’re using a Wi-Fi connection to find cheap flights the travel company knows your location based on this connection.

How to find cheap flights regardless of your location

When looking at how to get cheap flights, there is often a battle between consumer and website operator. That’s because websites are getting better and better at tracking your location, and that makes it difficult to find cheap flights. If you want to beat them and get the best deals possible, here are some of the steps that you can take:

Clear cookies:

To have the chance to book cheap flights, your first step should be deleting your cookies. As we’ve looked at, cookies store a host of information about you and shows companies your browsing history and your location. With these deleted, you’ll find your browsing experience improves and it becomes easier to find cheap flights.

Delete cache and browsing history:

If you’re looking at how to find cheap flights, this has to be your next step. It’s deeply unfair, but sometimes you’ll see that prices increase the more times that you visit a site to check them out. This is because the website knows your behaviours and is able to analyse your browsing habits. Make sure that you regularly clear your browsing history, and consider using incognito mode.

Find cheap flights on comparison sites:

There are several comparison sites that are great when it comes to finding cheap flights. You’ll usually find that there are special deals up for grabs, with some of them being last minute. Before you make any payments, just be sure that you’re using a trusted and reputable site.

Use a VPN to book cheap flights:

The best, and most reliable, way to find cheap flights is to use a VPN. With a VPN, the websites are unable to access the information that they’d typically use to customise prices. That’s because your IP address can’t be seen and there is no way of knowing where you are actually browsing from. An added bonus is that VPNs encrypt your traffic. This means that third parties are unable to profile you based on the actions that you’re taking. The best thing, however, is that you can find cheap flights by using your VPN to choose a virtual location. You choose the ones that are going to offer you the best deal.

How to get cheap flights with a VPN

There is honestly no better way of getting cheap flights than by using a VPN. The good news is the steps that you need to take are extremely simple. Here’s a look at what you need to do:

  • Find your VPN of choice, download and open the app
  • Choose a server that’s in the location that you want
  • Once you’ve found the server, connect to it
  • Take a look at the prices and make a note of them
  • Clear your cookies (this will make sure when you go back, the prices won’t have changed)
  • Go through the process again using different locations and try and find a better price

So, when looking at how to find cheap flights using a VPN allows you the opportunity to analyse every option that exists. It may take a little time and patience, but it means that you can find the best deal. As well as cheap flights, the same method also works when it comes to looking at things such as hotel stays and car purchases.

If you’re unsure about how to choose the server location, these are some things worth trying:

  1. Look at countries that are less wealthy as they tend to have cheaper prices
  2. Look at the home country of the airline
  3. Try looking at the destination

Be sure that you choose a great VPM provider that has servers in a variety of countries. You also need to be sure that your privacy is guaranteed and that the encryption provided is first-class.

Is it illegal to use a VPN to book cheap flights?

No! It is perfectly within the law to use a VPN to find cheap flights. VPNs are nothing malicious. They are, in fact, an essential tool for when you’re online. They are there to protect you and your privacy. There is certainly nothing wrong with using them to get yourself a great deal on an airline ticket.

Airline companies are extremely unfair with how they set their prices and punish you based on your location. By using a VPN, you get the chance to level the playing field and get the best possible price.

Why else use a VPN?

As well as helping you to book cheap flights, VPNs offer a host of other benefits. They include:

  • Keeping your data secure meaning that snoopers and cybercriminals will give you a miss and target others
  • The ability to avoid accidental traffic exposure in what are considered to be high-risk areas
  • The ability to change your virtual location when you choose so that no one knows where you’re browsing from

When you consider the amount of money that a VPN can save you on flights, as well as on other purchases, and put that alongside the other benefits on offer, using a VPN just makes sense.

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