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Center Parcs day passes

Center Parcs Day Pass: Everything You Need to Know for 2024

Center Parcs offer one of the premium holiday experiences in the UK. Rather than the usual UK seaside holiday, Center Parcs offer something a little different. Here, it’s about stunning woodland locations with the perfect balance between relaxation and activities.

One of the most popular activities at Center Parcs has to be the swimming pool. This is something that’s included in the price of any stay and it attracts families looking for fun throughout the day. When it comes to other activities that are on offer, this incurs an additional fee and some things may even need to be booked in advance.

If you’ve ever tried to book a Center Parcs break, you’ll have seen that there are different options. A short break and a week away are both possibilities, but what if you want to enjoy all that Center Parcs has to offer but don’t want to commit to an actual holiday? That’s where a Center Parcs day pass comes in.

As you read on, we’re going to be looking at just what a day pass to Center Parcs gets you, how much they cost and if they’re worth the money.

Key Takeaways

  • Day Pass Benefits: Spend a day at any Center Parcs village with access to the swimming pool and village facilities from 10 am to midnight.
  • Booking Details: Day passes are available for all ages with special rates for children and groups, and must be booked with an existing holiday reservation.
  • Extra Costs: While the day pass includes pool access, additional activities and bike hire are not covered but can be arranged for an extra fee.

center parcs day pass

What are Center Parcs day passes?

Center Parcs has its holiday villages spread across the UK, and there are currently 5 locations that you can choose from. These are:

  • Whinfell Forest – Cumbria
  • Sherwood Forest – Nottinghamshire
  • Longleat Forest – Wiltshire
  • Elveden Forest – Suffolk
  • Woburn Forest – Bedfordshire

If you’d like to sample what these locations have to offer without booking a holiday, you can purchase Center Parcs day passes.

A day pass to Center Parcs, as the name suggests, allows you to spend one day at one of the villages. You’re able to visit from 10 am and stay all the way through until midnight. So, what’s included with a Center Parcs day pass? As it stands, it allows you access to your chosen village and, while there, you get to enjoy the swimming pool.

The disappointing part of these passes is that no other activities are covered. Yes, you can explore what else is available but it will cost you extra to take part.

center parcs day pass

How much does a day pass to Center Parcs cost?

Before we look at the price of a Center Parcs day pass it’s worth pointing something out. Booking a pass isn’t just open to anyone. You can only do this alongside an existing booking. What this means is that they are aimed at people who are looking to spend a day with friends or family who has already booked a stay.

The idea behind this is that it allows people to extend their holiday party for a day. This means bringing together other parties and enjoying an even bigger get-together. It’s something that can be really good for those who have family nearby and want to spend time together.

Anyway, back to the prices. What you’ll pay for a day pass to Center Parcs will depend on the ages of the people in your party:

  • 3 and under – Free of charge
  • Under 12s – £31.50
  • 12 and over – £41.50
  • Group of 4 (with at least 1 adult included) – £136

center parcs day pass

What’s included with Center Parcs day passes?

Center Parcs day passes allow you to access the Center Parcs village. While on-site, you’re able to make use of the dining options as well as enjoying the swimming pool. The swimming pools are certainly a big deal. There are things such as wave machines, rapids and other features to enjoy and these things all go into making the pools a real talking point.

You also have the opportunity to get involved with other activities as part of your Center Parcs day pass. However, this will cost you extra. If you want to take part in these, any bookings will have to be made via your friends’/family’s booking as they are the ones staying in the village.

It’s worth noting that there is plenty of parking available during your visit, but you can’t use your car to drive to the lodge. That means that your car will have to stay in the main car park.

Bikes are a major part of the Center Parcs experience and there are plenty of people that use these to get themselves around. The problem here is that a Center Parcs day pass doesn’t include the use of bikes. That means that you either need to bring your own or hire one for the day.

center parcs day pass price

Center Parcs Day Passes and the Aqua Sana Spa:

Something else that Center Parcs offers is the Aqua Sana Spa experience. This is a standalone feature that is separate from the rest of the village. The spas, at each of the locations, offer a range of treatments such as:

  • Massages
  • Facial treatments
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures

So, what if you want to enjoy this while you’re in the vicinity of a Center Parcs village? Well, the bad news is that your Center Parcs day pass won’t cover this. The good news is that you don’t a pass anyway, nor do you need a booking.

As the Spa is operated separately, you can book direct via its website. If you’re looking for a relaxing experience, this offers a great alternative to what you can access with a day pass to Center Parcs.

center parcs day pass price

Do Center Parcs day passes allow you to stay overnight?

Unfortunately, a Center Parcs day pass doesn’t allow you to stay overnight anyone visiting the village, on the back of a pass, has to leave by midnight at the latest. This is shown clearly when you look at the terms and conditions when booking.

That’s because these passes aren’t about a getaway break as such. They’re about allowing those with a holiday booking to enjoy a day with a group of friends and family.

The best way of looking at a day pass is like any activity that you book at Center Parcs: everything needs to be booked on top of the original booking.

What if you’d like your friends or family to spend a little longer with you? Well, the best option may be just to add them to your booking in the first place. Yes, you may end up needing an upgrade so you have a lodge with more space, but this could work out cheaper than buying day passes.

day pass center parcs

How can Center Parcs day passes be booked?

If you want to go ahead and book a Center Parcs day pass, the first thing that you’ll need is the booking reference of the people that you know who are already staying there.

Make sure that you don’t lose this reference: not only will you need to use it to book but you’ll need it when you actually arrive as well.

The other option is that your friends/family who are staying there can add you themselves. They can use the phone, website or app to arrange your day pass as their guests.

Remember, if you’re looking to book as a group, at least one of you will need to be 18 or older.

day pass center parcs

Is a day pass to Center Parcs worth the money?

A Center Parcs day pass comes into its own in one scenario. That is when you want to meet up with friends or family for the day and there are no spare beds in your accommodation. In these circumstances, friends or family who are nearby get to visit you, have a great day and share a meal. However, a day pass won’t always be the best option.

If you have a spare bed in your lodge, it makes more sense to add a guest to your booking. Whether they choose to sleep or not doesn’t matter: if they’re on the original booking they access the village and they won’t need to leave at midnight.

Final thoughts

A Center Parcs day pass offers a great way to add to your holiday party without the need to upgrade your lodge. It means that you can add to your experience by sharing it with more friends and family members in an environment where you can create some truly magical memories.

That being said, it’s well worth exploring what saves you the most money. If there is a way on including guests as part of your initial booking, this could well end up costing you less.

center parcs day passes

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about Center Parcs day passes? Find all your answers right here!

What is a Center Parcs day pass and what does it include?

A Center Parcs day pass allows day-long access to one of their holiday villages. It includes access to the village and its swimming pool, with the option to explore other activities for an additional fee.

Who can get Center Parcs day passes?

Day passes are available for individuals who want to visit friends or family currently staying at Center Parcs. However, they can only be purchased by someone with an existing lodging booking at Center Parcs, making them ideal for guests who wish to join for a day visit.

How much does a Center Parcs day pass cost?

Prices vary based on age: it’s free for children under 3, £31.50 for under 12s, £41.50 for those aged 12 and over, and £136 for a group of 4 (including at least one adult).

Can I use Center Parcs day passes to stay overnight?

No, day passes do not allow overnight stays. Visitors must leave by midnight.

Are there any additional benefits included with a Center Parcs day pass?

The pass includes access to the swimming pool and dining options, but activities outside of these will incur extra charges.

How can I book a Center Parcs day pass?

Day passes can be booked using the booking reference of someone already staying at the village, either online, by phone, or through the Center Parcs app.

Is the Aqua Sana Spa included in the Center Parcs day pass?

No, the Aqua Sana Spa is not included in the day pass and requires a separate booking.

Are day passes at Center Parcs worth the cost?

It depends on your situation. If you’re joining friends or family already staying at Center Parcs and there are no spare beds, a day pass is a great option. However, if there’s room in the lodge, adding a guest to the original booking might be more economical.

Can I use a bike with a Center Parcs day pass?

Bikes are not included in the day pass. You can bring your own bike or hire one for the day at an additional cost.

Are there parking facilities available for day pass holders at Center Parcs?

Yes, there is ample parking available, but cars must remain in the main car park as driving to the lodges is not permitted.

Are there any restrictions on booking a Center Parcs day pass?

Yes, booking a day pass is only possible alongside an existing booking and is aimed at extending a holiday party for a day with friends or family.

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